Organization Station

A filled-to-the-brim garage receives a total makeover for accessibility and order.

Text: Brandi Wills
Photos: Jon Slavkin
September 2007


Challenge: A lifetime's collection of memorabilia and hobby items filled the garage of this Clayton-area home. Making use of these items and reducing clutter was the goal of this large-scale organization project; meanwhile the concrete construction and age of the home presented challenges.

Solution: The homeowner, Mrs. Turgeon, decided to enlist professional help in this task.
“Our solution was designed around the challenges,” says Meri Lyn Bisch, president and owner of Premier Garage of St. Louis. “Using the wall space to its fullest potential, we installed 12 feet of cabinetry, included a loft space to maximize storage capabilities, and created a mobile gardening station.” The finished product allows the homeowner to enjoy the space, and the gardening station makes potting and transporting plants to the backyard much easier. The project itself has given her a chance to rediscover items, memories and hobbies that were stored away in the garage for a long time. “I'm thrilled,” says Mrs. Turgeon. “I know where everything is, and I can finally put my car back in the garage!”