On November 6th from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, learn the art of Potstickers from executive Chef Tori Foster at the Cooking School at AUTCOhome.


Cooking School Menu:

  • Buffalo Chicken: Chef Tori adores the garlic herb dough, which tastes like garlic pretzel knots. Here, it’s wrapped around a creamy buffalo chicken filling, glazed with spicy sauce and sprinkled with celery microgreens.

  • From the Coop: This hearty dish is anchored with a jerk-seasoned chicken thigh with a chorizo-date potsticker balanced on top and a generous serving of sofrito rice beneath. Grilled pineapple relish and lemon pepper cream finish the presentation.

  • Apple Pie: This isn’t your granny’s apple pie! We’re certain Nana never rolled out cinnamon potsticker dough as the base for her pie. The only thing traditional is the scoop of accompanying vanilla ice cream, which Tori drenches in bourbon caramel and dusts with fresh nutmeg.

Cost: $35/person

RSVP by calling (636) 230-9640 ext. 27, or email [email protected]

*Seating is limited!*