For our June/July Outdoor issue, we asked local design professionals to share their opinions on outdoor chandeliers. Are these design dazzlers a classic or a craze?

“I'd say classic. In elaborate outdoor rooms, I think adding such a classical element, like a chandelier, really helps pull the whole room together.” Katy Molaskey, Green Guys.


Create another dimension of texture with wood accent pieces. Organic and warm, wood can be mixed with a variety of materials for an earthy feel. 

one: Wood and metal chandelier, available at Wilson Lighting.

two: Wood art, available at Amini's.

three: Natural petrified wood slice, available at Design & Detail.

four: Nolan sling chair, available at Savvy Surrounding Style.


Botanicals are a bold, beautiful way to bring nature into any space in your home. The lush leafy designs can be incorporated in fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, lighting and accessories for a more modern take on traditional florals. Let the outdoors come inside.

1) Banana leaf print mural wallpaper, available at West Elm.

2) Gold foil fern, available at The Gifted Gardener.


SLHL: How would you describe your style?
Jenny: My style is 10,000% modern Bohemian.  Bohemianism is defined as: The practice of unconventional lifestyle often in the company of like-minded folks involving musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. Bohemians may be wanderers, adventurers or vagabonds or, in other words, a JIPSI. Hence, my business name!


Charlie Gitto Jr. may have expanded the Gitto family restaurant business into three locations, but it’s the original Italian eatery in The Hill neighborhood that remains the spicy heart and soul of the enterprise.

An authentic taste of old Italy is a staple ingredient of the Charlie Gitto legacy: pastas, breads and desserts that are made in-house and cooked to order; fresh ingredients that are either raised on the premises, brought in frequently or seasonal in the Midwest; and care and attention lavished on every dish.


There are more than 17 million Americans who claim Italian descent in the United States. Italian cuisine ranks near the top among the over 640,000 restaurants operating in the U.S. Italian dishes have an amazingly broad appeal well beyond the aforementioned Italian-Americans. If the above aren’t enough, another reason that Italian cuisine is so ubiquitous in America is that it pairs so well with wines from all over the world.