For our August bath issue, we asked local design professionals if Mediterranean tiles in the bath are a classic or a craze. Here’s what they had to say. 


For most homeowners, furnishing and decorating a new home doesn’t just happen overnight, it evolves over time. Such was the case for Tom and Susan Csengody, who after nearly nine years in their Creve Coeur residence are still adding, replacing and fine-tuning their grand design.


Lightweight cotton rugs are perfect for summer.

one: Fiesta stripe french blue/green, by Dash & Albert, available at Mary Tuttle's.

two: Tattersall, by Dash & Albert, available at The White Rabbit.

three: Coco red, by Dash & Albert, available at Mary Tuttle's.

four: Coconut, available at Volume Carpet.


Embrace the summer season with accessories inspired by your favorite finds from the farmer's market. 

1: Carrot towel, available at Marketplace at the Abbey.

2: Radish towel set, available at Marketplace at the Abbey.

3: Drop the beet towel, by Knollwood Lane, available at The White Rabbit.

4: Tomato salt and pepper shakers, available at Christopher's.


Rand Rosenthal’s passion for plants goes beyond landscaping. He loves to create beautiful container combinations melding antiques with plant life to create something new and unique… “marrying the old with the new, inanimate with the living, and objects touched by the hands of time.” Find his innovative fabrications locally at his warehouse behind K.Hall on Manchester Road, Warson Woods Antique Gallery or Treasure Aisles Antique Mall.  


For Scott McDowell, building birdhouses was always a hobby. It wasn't until his friends and neighbors started taking notice that he ever thought he could make a living out of it. “People would see them and tell me how much they liked them, and then they'd say, 'Boy, you should try selling these.'” And, ultimately, it was these little interactions that planted the seeds that would one day grow into his own small business. That flower bloomed in 1991 when McDowell founded Nature Creations.