Secondhand Style

Furnish your new home with fabulous finds from local consignment shops. Or sell items you won’t be using in your new home before you move.


Oftentimes the word secondhand has the implication that an item is not as good or damaged, but many times secondhand goods are in excellent condition and can make for a unique addition to any space in your home. Consignment is the most convenient way to sell used furniture and the smartest way to buy. Buying through consignment is a terrific alternative to purchasing new.

Before you move, get rid of unwanted furniture by selling to a consignment shop. You will make money, while making way for a beautiful new piece in place of the old. Alternatively, if you need to purchase furniture to fill a new home, consignment shops can be an excellent way to get a lot of high-quality items at reasonable prices. With a good eye and patience, you can score stylish selections fit for your new space. If you don’t find what you are looking for the first time, continue to check in at your favorite spots as inventory changes quickly.

Top 5 reasons to shop consignment stores

•  One-Of-A-Kind Finds. Box stores typically have unlimited quantities of items for purchase or order. Consignment stores offer singular, unique items you may not be able to find anywhere else.

•  Great Prices. Purchasing secondhand saves you money on quality furnishings and accessories for any room in your home. You can find a piece of furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

•  Cash & Carry. Shop the store, find your piece and you could walk out with it that day. No more waiting 8-12 weeks for a custom piece purchased in a chain store.

•  Support Local Business. Since most shops are locally owned, you are supporting your local community and small business.

•  Eco-Friendly. Merchandise is collected locally and re-used. What could be more environmentally friendly than that?

Top 5 reasons to sell at consignment stores

•  Free Up Space. Make way for new items by clearing out pieces you no longer use or want. Just because you are done with something doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have life elsewhere.

•  Reach a Larger Audience. Consignment stores have a larger base of potential buyers for your items than other alternatives. With constant foot traffic, your item will have a much better chance at finding a new home.

•  They do the Work. Once you turn your piece over to a consignment store, they handle all the hard work of displaying, negotiating and making the sale.

•  It is safe. You don’t have to worry about communicating or meeting strangers for pick up/drop off.  

•  Support Local Business. Selling to a consignment shop not only supports local business, but it gives someone else in your community the chance to enjoy your used goods at a discounted price.

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