Classic or Craze: Outdoor Chandeliers

Is it a classic or is it a craze?


For our June/July Outdoor issue, we asked local design professionals to share their opinions on outdoor chandeliers. Are these design dazzlers a classic or a craze?

“I'd say classic. In elaborate outdoor rooms, I think adding such a classical element, like a chandelier, really helps pull the whole room together.” Katy Molaskey, Green Guys.

“Over the past couple of years, outdoor chandeliers have gained popularity I think because people want to spend more time outdoors and they want their outdoor space to be an extension of their indoor space. Outdoor chandeliers help make the outdoor space feel like an indoor living space.” Patty Birkhead, Metro Lighting Showroom Design Manager and Purchasing.

“Classic! Cavemen loved lights, and so does the modern man. Outdoor chandeliers are a wonderful way to add a creative or unique design element that can completely transform a space.  If a current lighting choice is on trend, it can be easily changed as your tastes change without much effort.”  Eric Ringhofer, Green Guys.

“Outdoor chandeliers are a new design feature that is here to stay. People are making their exterior spaces more livable with an ambiance similar to the living room and dining area. This is a timeless addition to outdoor living that will add both style and illumination for years to come.” Shanna Shamblin Wilson, Wilson Lighting.

“When entertaining alfresco, an outdoor chandelier is a must as it sets the scene and, most importantly, transforms the way one can feel within the space. Providing a welcoming transition from the private living space, an outdoor chandelier can bring fun and whimsey to an otherwise natural setting.” Carla Hunigan, Holt Lighting Depot.

“Ever since the 17th century's introduction of illumination fuels, technology has been used in gardens. An outdoor chandelier makes such a visual statement while enhancing the nighttime beauty.  What a charming addition to any outdoor space!” Lynn Eastin, Lynn Eastin Interiors.

“Chandeliers are a true classic! But outdoor chandeliers are the current trend, and this is where the outdoor meets the indoor for the perfect complement. Outdoor chandeliers are the new classic look that I am forecasting will NOT go away! So go on and add that dream outdoor area, complete with a chandelier, whether attached or unattached to your home. It’s an investment in mind, body and soul, and you will reap the rewards!” Joyce Cockrell, Joyce Cockrell Designs LLC.

“Craze. Or make that crazy! When I think of outdoor chandeliers here in St. Louis I think of bulbs that draw bugs and cleaning off the spider webs. Although I love the look of outdoor chandeliers my sensible side and dislike of bugs and cleaning just say no! I might consider it on a screened in porch but not in the open air. I much prefer a ceiling fan that wafts a frequently much-needed breeze over me and helps to keep the bugs away (without harmful pesticides). If I want outdoor lighting it will be the soft glow of candles or landscape lighting.” Marcia Moore, Marcia Moore Design.