Design HOF 2018: Tamsin Mascetti

St. Louis Design Hall of Fame 2018
Tamsin Mascetti
Tamsin Design Group


Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Portrait Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton
Photography by Alise O'Brien Photography


Tamsin Mascetti has 20 years of design expertise and is the owner and principal interior designer at her firm, Tamsin Design Group. After receiving a B.S. in interior design from the University of Missouri, Mascetti worked at various firms in the design industry including Edwin Pepper Interiors. Prior to founding her own design group in 2007 in St. Louis, Mascetti had her own design firm in Chicago, specializing in rehabbing homes. Tamsin grew up in St. Louis, and, because of that, she has always placed high importance on nurturing local talent through mentorship and supporting the community. Tamsin Design Group has evolved over the past decade, establishing itself as an award-winning design firm, specializing in high-end, custom builds.

SLHL: What is your design style/philosophy?
Tamsin: To me, interior design is about making an enjoyable experience for the client, which means listening and evaluating what the client is saying, then delivering unique solutions. I don’t ever want a client to walk into a space and say, “why didn’t we think of this?” Due to that mindset, I ask extensive questions throughout the design process to ensure we’ve thought everything through down to the last detail.

SLHL: What does it take to deliver exceptional design? 
Tamsin: In order to deliver the best design for your client, it is imperative to be an amazing listener. In residential design your client relationships can be very intimate and personal, so being able to read people and truly listen to them makes all the difference.

SLHL: What advice would you give to someone just starting a design career?
Tamsin: First, get an interior design degree. You must have that foundational knowledge before jumping into the field. Second, know what you’re getting into. I worry there’s a perception that interior design is all fun and creativity, when really much of the work is project management, paperwork and managing relationships. Be passionate. You’ll never be able to sell your ideas or sound believable if you don’t have passion. And lastly, identify your strengths. You need to know what kind of designer you are.

SLHL: Tell us a place in St. Louis that inspires you in your career?
Tamsin: Forest Park is certainly a source of inspiration. Both the historic architecture and surrounding nature contributes to making it the most beautiful city park in the United States.

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