Captivating Conifers

Conifers are a staple in most landscape designs. The trees bear cones and evergreen needlelike or scalelike leaves. We asked local landscapers to share their favorite conifers.


1. "This truly elegant conifer has exceptionally dark green, shiny needles that adorn the pyramidal form with dense, pendulous branching from the ground up. It is one of the last spruces to break bud in spring. An excellent specimen tree, it produces showy female cones that have a lovely purplish coloring before maturing to brown. Great in large pots or planted in the landscape." David Sherwood, Sherwood's Forest Nursery.

2. "The Oculus Draconis pine is a favorite here at the nursery. This Hindu Pan pruned conifer boasts beautiful green needles with bright-yellow tips. With such unique shape and coloring, this pine is the perfect staple piece for any landscape." Andria Graeler, Chesterfield Valley Nursery.

3. “If you are looking for a specimen conifer to add to your garden, look no further. Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera' Compacta is a unique multi-stem conifer. This tree features eye-catching orange-red bark along with bright-green needles that float across its broad spreading canopy.” Justin Verbryck, Frisella Nursery.

4. "One of my favorite evergreens is the weeping blue atlas spruce. Their unique design causes them to grow out and then gently weep down. We use them to frame and draw your eyes to a focal point of beauty. They are a great specimen  tree that we naturally blend into many of our waterfall creations." Josh Bauer, Bauer Falls.

5. “Green Giant Arborvitae, Thuja, has fast become a top selection due to its lush evergreen foliage and its vigorous, fast-growing growth, shooting up by as much as 3-4 inches per year until maturity. Its lovely natural pyramidal form adds majestic grace to the landscape. It matures to 30-60 feet tall. Perfect for blocking unsightly views, noisy neighbors or strong winds. It prefers full to part sun.”  Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.