Keep Your Wine Fine

A quick guide to the perfect wine storage solution.

By Tyler Bierman 

Images courtesy of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove 


Let’s talk about wine. Wine can be a quiet night-in with friends, something you save for special occasions or a collection of rare vintages that you treasure. Regardless of where you fall, it’s a beverage that brings you joy. That’s something that should be preserved, and there are so many options to do just that in the form of wine coolers, the largest growing storage solution for everybody from the casual enthusiast to the most devoted of connoisseurs.

Why a wine cooler? The short answer is because you’re worth it and so is every bottle that you add to your collection. The more in-depth answer is threefold. First is to optimize the space in your kitchen or entertaining space. Wine cellars, while very impressive and a great option for some, aren’t a viable option for those with a more modest budget and living space. Wine coolers range from freestanding counter height units that can easily fit next to a dishwasher or in a game room all the way up to floor-to-ceiling, double-door units that can accommodate 300 bottles.

Next is the fun one; so you can wow your friends and family with a sleek design and perfectly chilled wines and spirits for every occasion. In fact, there are even options that are designed as an excellent alternative to a home bar with built-in space and climate control that makes it easy to store all the libations you love from beer to spirits in addition to your reds and whites.

And now, the most important factor to take into account when beginning your wine enthusiast hobby, taking care of your collection. Wine is fragile. Light, temperature, humidity, vibration and even the position it’s stored in can alter the quality of a bottle of wine, so it’s essential to have the right setup to store your wine in a place that is appropriate and capable of keeping your collection in pristine condition, especially with vintage or high-end bottles.         For example, reds are meant to be kept at lower temperatures than whites, so many wine coolers are designed to be dual zone allowing for two different areas for storing both varieties properly.

That’s quite a bit to consider when shopping around for your best option, but it really boils down to this: How much space are you working within your home, how much wine do you keep or consume and what will fit your home’s aesthetic? Find the size unit that fits your hobby and your home, and make it look good. There are so many customization options on the table to make your wine cooler a cohesive part of your home’s style from rustic wood to stainless steel, so you can show it off or conceal it.

Whether you’re a long-time wine aficionado or just starting to develop your palate, you owe it to yourself to look into a classy, convenient and customizable wine cooler.