The Lonesome Traveler

Jennifer Hill creates an alternative look for St. Louis weddings.

By Tyler Bierman

Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton


Lonesome Traveler isn't your typical men's apparel company. They trade-in the traditional patterns and styles of a department store in favor of a style that's rustic yet hip, offering up bright, bold colors and one-of-a-kind vintage designs, a style that's catching on in the St. Louis wedding scene thanks to Lonesome Traveler's creator Jennifer Hill.

In the beginning for Hill, the Lonesome Traveler came out of necessity after a temporary move that put her career on hold. This was the same move that inspired the name of her company. Hill explains, “It was sort of a tongue-in-cheek thing. I knew a lot of people, and I'm a total extrovert, but when I moved to Texas I didn't know anybody. That's why I thought of it.” The name stuck and then Hill began producing her unique brand of men's accessories.

After five years of being in business, Hill spends the majority of her time working with her clients to put together eye-catching accessories including neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and more to make their big day that much more memorable. It's grown to be her favorite part of the job. “It's just so fun to do weddings. You get 'thank you' notes and a lot of great photos of your product, and it's so great to see how excited they are with the finished product.”

When Hill is creating the perfect ties and accessories for a groom or wedding party, the process almost always starts about six months out from the event by referral from her website, social media and from many local St. Louis professionals in the wedding industry that have welcomed her with open arms since her time in the city. Once the connection is made, Hill will work with the couple to put together some mood boards and ideas and then take them out to find the fabric that best suits their chosen style. The result is a truly unique accessory and the cherry on top of any suit or tuxedo.

In her time putting together wedding accessories, her clientele has gotten more and more creative, testing her abilities to find the right fabric. In those situations, the best solution according to Hill is to “go straight to the internet.” She goes on, “I did a wedding for a Scottish guy in Chicago who wanted family crest and we were able to find this authentic wool from Scotland that was hand made.” In another instance, she locally found a suitable fabric to do a tie with a Harry Potter-esque font.

As Lonesome Traveler continues to impress St. Louis natives with an alternative look for their special day or every day, Hill is eager to continue honing her craft and running her home business as she raises her  two children with her husband. She closes by saying. “It's almost a thing now. People want to get married in a Lonesome Traveler tie. I feel great that I was able to become a part of this really neat group of people in the wedding community.”