Meghan Heeter, Castle Design


SLHL: Who has been the biggest influencer in your career?

Meghan: The owner of Castle Design, Emily Castle, has been biggest influence in my design career. She is a wonderful mentor and loves to share her business and design knowledge and experience with up-and-coming designers.


SLHL: Tell us a story from your childhood where your creative design genius kicked in.

Meghan: When I was 12 years old, I set out to redecorate the bedroom I shared with my sister, Molly. With a limited budget, I had duvets made from a patterned Ralph Lauren sheet set. I used curved curtain rods and store-bought drapery panels to hang makeshift, half-crown canopies over our twin beds. I even convinced my mom to let me paint the wood floors and trim red! I wouldn’t say the end result was genius, but the experience certainly sparked my passion for interior design.


SLHL: Where do you see your field expanding in the next 10 years?

Meghan: I believe design will continue to expand from a digital and technologic standpoint. Visualization apps and communication tools will continue to improve to help designers sell creative concepts to clients. Social media will become more business focused, used as a tool to attract new clients and promote designers and projects.


SLHL: What does it take to achieve a high level of success before 40?

Meghan: I believe that it’s so important to cultivate your curiosity to remain passionate and engaged in your career. I take time out to travel to design symposiums and showrooms throughout the country to learn about the latest trends and innovations in design. Even when I travel for pleasure, I make it a priority to tour at least one historic home or architecturally significant site. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that, when fostered, ensures true success.


SLHL: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Meghan: Interior design is such a uniquely personal endeavor. As I work with clients to learn about their style, tastes and how they live, I enjoy the process and the amazing connections I make. Most of all, I love helping people make their dream homes become a reality.