Local St. Louis design professionals let us know if they think slipcovers are a classic design element or if they are destined to slip out of style.

Edited by Moe Godat

Photography by Anne Matheis, courtesy of Beautiful Rooms



Slipcovers have been around for so long that I do not call them a craze. Slipcovers have many functions; they can transform a room without spending a lot of money. Slipcovers are a great way to have your design style change with the seasons or your mood. There are different types of slipcovers. Some are easy to slip over your furniture and have a more casual look, while others are installed to fit and look like upholstery. I hope this classic stays. Linda K. Kusmer, Total Interior Designs Inc.

Slipcovers are a classic! What better way to change the look of your upholstery? (I’m not talking about the one-size-fits-all variety.) If you have them custom made, slipcovers can be snugly tailored and not look sloppy. Or, a looser look can lend a more casual feel.  In addition, making the covers out of a pre-shrunk, machine washable fabric is great for families to keep furniture looking fresh. Nancy Barrett, Beautiful Rooms.

You can use them to change up a cute, dated chair for a fresh, trendy "shabby chic" sort of look, or to cover up a comfy, discolored or faded piece that you just can't bear to part with. We've seen slipcovers for generations. Having grown up in New England, I've always seen them as a fun way to "summer-up" a piece that's a little too wintery. At one time, they were used to lengthen the life of the upholstery. I remember seeing them stripped off for when company was coming, and put back on when the kids were around. I don't see them going away anytime soon. Those who love them REALLY love them.  For me, they always look like a slipcover, just slightly askew and rumpled looking, which in the right setting is perfect! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover Up.

If I had to title a slipcover a classic or craze, my vote would be classic. They have been around forever. I remember growing up with slipcovers on our sofa as a child! I have a few higher end homes where the client already owned fabulously made and comfortable furniture, but it was the wrong color to work in the space. Going to a local Pottery Barn and getting a fabulous fitting slipcover has been a perfect fix to this dilemma! Add some new throw pillows to pop a pattern and color, and you have a new look! Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio, LLC.

Hallelujah for slipcovers! Slipcovers are wonderful in many ways; extremely functional and versatile, an easy way to update an old piece of furniture and a lifesaver when you have small children or pets. Slipcovers are an easy way to refresh a room for different seasons or holidays.  Slipcovers are a great option and will remain a classic design element. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.



I’m not a fan of the slipcover look. It gives furniture a sloppy unkempt look. I prefer furniture that is tailored. With all of the great stain-guarded fabrics you can really live on your furniture with our being concerned about stains. So why cover up your upholstery’s beautiful curves? C.J. Knapp, Yours By Design.