Luxury Lodges

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By Moe Godat


Yunmen Mountain All-Seasons Ski Resort | Quingzhou, Shandong, China: Photography courtesy of ATAH When it was announced that Beijing would host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Qilu Mountain Range gained the Yunmen Mountain All-Seasons Ski Resort. This new addition allows for Olympic teams to practice in all-weather conditions with both indoor and outdoor slopes as well as provide a new recreational location for the public. Instead of focusing the design solely on the nearby city of Qingzhou, Shandong’s culture and design, the team at ATAH strived to make the structure complement its mountainous surroundings. The rooflines mimic the varying lines of sight that skiers see while at the top of an actual mountain range looking down at the slopes, and they also help blend the building’s shape into its mountain backdrop. Along the curves of the second and third floors, a terrace gives visitors a place to relax while taking in the view. Though they wanted the shape and curves of the building to feel natural, the designers chose the stark metal and glass facade to convey a sense of speed. The Yunmen All-Seasons Resort is the perfect blend of competition and relaxation, a place for adventure and awe.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel | St. Moritz, Switzerland: Photography courtesy of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel Johannes Badrutt was a ski jumper in the late 1800s, and his sporting achievements, as well as his striking success as an entrepreneur, helped start the beginning of international tourism in the Alps. He left his family and his home to open his hotel in 1896, enticing both English and American tourists to visit for its scenic views and superb skiing conditions; he also had curling rinks and the first-ever toboggan run built for his visitors. Upon his father’s death, Caspar Badrutt bought the hotel and hired famed Swiss architects Chiodera and Tschudi with bringing the hotel to the picturesque glory it holds today. The rooms are decorated in lavish colors and textures, making luxury the first priority to those who visit. After a long day out on the slopes, one can retreat to the warm and grand suites, enjoying the view of the Alps from the comfort of a balcony or bedroom with large, picturesque windows. The hotel remains one of the most loved locations in St. Moritz for its rich history and attention to detail. Just enjoying the view and not the slopes themselves? Badrutt’s palace offers a health club, beauty spa, boutiques and upscale restaurants that keep visitors returning year after year.

Amangani | Jackson, Wyoming: Photography courtesy of Amangani The Amangani Hotel Resort in Jackson, Wyoming, embraces the close tie between nature, sport and relaxation that accompanies a ski trip. “Amangani” means “peaceful home” in Shoshone language, a Native American tribe from eastern Wyoming. Bringing its guests peace and harmony with a location near Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton, the elevation of 7,000 feet also gives visitors a beautiful view of the sprawling land below. The main lodge, suites and homes located on the premises work with the land by bringing natural elements within. Though they describe the suites’ design as “contemporary and stylish,” wood and stone are the main design elements of the rooms with hide and faux-fur rugs that give each room a taste of the landscape’s wild side. Each room comes with terraces and balconies that allow visitors to take in the mountain range when the snow is too thick to venture out, and the high ceilings paired with redwood and natural stone keep the decor altogether natural and cozy, immersing visitors in the land’s deep history and legacy.