KOTY: Gegg Design & Cabinetry | 300-400 square feet Platinum Winner

Photography by Keith and Judie Gegg


The design for the kitchen in this new home was to be bright and fresh with unique details. The homeowners built the home with the intention to be their last home. Early planning with the architect and kitchen designer Gegg Design & Cabinetry was crucial to make all the pieces come together. The island is front and center and finished in a bold green gloss paint. The green was based off a European paint produced in Holland. The island seats four with chairs in coordinating fabrics. The perimeter cabinets were kept simple in a white painted finish. The frameless cabinetry incorporates trim details that are carried into the window trim at the sink wall. The sloped ceiling was planned to have flat ceilings along the length of the room. This allowed the designer to design the perimeter cabinets to end into a flat ceiling and not have any open space above. Wainscot panels were used above the cabinets to control proportion while adding a classic detail. The hood was custom designed and features solid brass details that were hand-fabricated. It is framed by marble columns on the side and a marble header above. The sink wall is all windows to bring the backyard into the kitchen. The designer painted the window sashes black to minimize the impact on the view while adding a classic look of steel windows. The side windows flanking the ends of the sink became a challenge in the design because the designer wanted the windows to be over the counter. This would have resulted in a too-deep counter at the sink. The solution was to set the cabinets on the sink wall on an arc creating a curve to the cabinet fronts and counter. At the sink, the counters resulted in a good depth and out at the side window there is enough depth for the trim details to stop on the top of the counter. A 60” range provides a huge cooking surface with two full-size ovens. The butler’s pantry is located just behind the range wall and serves as an extension of the kitchen.


Why the judges love it: This kitchen gets the award for the most windows ever in a kitchen, and we love all the natural light they add to the space. We love the pop of green on the island. It puts you in a happy place. The architectural details are beautiful.



Contractor: Pete Hennessey 

Architect: Dick Busch Architects 

Interior Designer: Kate Convy 

Granite: Stone Fabricators 

Plumbing Fixtures: Immerse 

Decorative fixtures: Gegg Design & Cabinetry 

Appliances: Gegg Design & Cabinetry 

Cabinetry: Gegg Design & Cabinetry