Hot in the Home

For a tranquil respite away from the daily stresses and challenges of life, an in-home sauna is just what the doctor prescribed. Proven to reduce illness and stress while eliminating toxins from the body, a steam in the sauna each day can improve your overall health. Check out these in-home havens.

By Melissa Mauzy


1. Warmth and Texture. By Birdseye Design. Custom built by Birdseye out of Richmond, Vermont, this lakeside residence features a full spa with sauna.  The western red cedar interior of the sauna, as well as the reclaimed barnboard exterior finish, bring the warmth and texture of wood to the spa experience.

2. Multi-Sensory Experience. By Nordic Sauna. The sauna was designed to create a multi-sensory experience as saunas are now a focal point in many households based on the many health benefits one can achieve. With the new and modern saunas it's not just about the heat of the room but a unique experience for each user. When you have the ability to adjust and change multiple factors in the sauna you are able to create the ultimate escape for each user in the household.

3. All About the Bench. By Forum Phi Architecture. A custom-crafted sauna was designed for a luxurious residence in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. The final design resulted in unique bench configurations, glass doors and accented wood features inside and out.

4. Magnificant Master. By Leslie Saul & Associates. This bathroom was for a single male client who wanted to make a dream home to honor a new girlfriend. The condo is part of an old brick warehouse located right on the Boston Harbor. The bathroom included a walk-in shower with dual shower heads, double vanities, a sauna and a separate toilet room. Also accessed from the master bath was a large dressing room with mirrored inlaid doors on the numerous closets. Every girl's dream!

5. Custom Cedar. By Lee & Co. Contractors. This custom cedar sauna in a redesigned master bathroom was created by Mark Reilly Architecture. The design of the bathroom flows seamlessly from tub, shower to sauna.

1. Photography by Susan Teare. 2. Photography courtesy of Nordic Sauna. 3. Photography by David Marlow. 4. Photography by Steve Carroll. 5. Photography by Isabelle Eubanks Photography.