Room to Grow

A design-savvy tween decorates her bedroom with the help of her mom and grandmother.

By Melissa Mauzy   

Photography by Megan Lorenz.


The "tween" age can be full of growing pains. Not quite a teen but definitely more mature than little kid. So when it came time for Kylee Hillin to decorate her bedroom, she wanted something simple that wasn’t too young or too mature, a room that could grow with her as she gets older. While the Hillins worked with Anne Boedges of Anne Marie Design Studio, the design of Kylee’s room was all the mother/daughter duo.

With a simple yet cheery color scheme of soft shades of blues and pinks, Kylee’s mom, Nikki, says it’s a space that will be easy to update as her daughter’s tastes change. The inspiration for the design came from Kylee’s cousin, Bree, who has a similar room setup at her home in Texas. Kylee and Nikki wanted to mimic the design while adding personality to the room.

Most unique to the space is the platform bed that was custom built. Steps lead up to the bed and nightstand, which also features a hidden play space underneath. “When you open the front two cabinets, there is a crawl space with lights for Kylee and her friends to hang out,” Nikki explains. The outside two cabinets have plenty of room for storing crafts and games. Nikki likes that the play area can eventually be used as storage space as Kylee gets older.

As for the finishing touches in the décor, Nikki says all the credit goes to Kylee and her grandmother, Connie. “Kylee knew what colors she wanted and that she wanted to incorporate florals and fur rugs,” Nikki says. Fur foot stools at the base of the couch add more seating for when friends come to play, and the pink faux fur rugs bring texture and a sweet pop of color to the space.

Kylee now has her own cool space to hang out with friends. Nikki’s favorite part? “I love that the room feels like it’s Kylee’s and that she got to pull it all together with her grandmother,” Nikki says. What girl wouldn’t love a playful and fun sanctuary that will take her from tween to teen?