Just Like Dad

The 5-year-old son of a Cardinals baseball player gets a room fit for a future pro.

By Moe Godat

Photography by Emily Minton Redfield


When these homeowners originally began the design of their second home, the wife planned on designing her children’s rooms herself. However, after working with Laura Lee Home, she decided to let them take over the design and give each child their own special space in the new home, including her 5-year-old son.

“He’s all about baseball,” Laura of Laura Lee Home says. “Since his dad is a professional pitcher for the Cardinals, the theme for the space wasn’t hard to come by.” One way they incorporated his love for baseball was a series of photographs showing his dad’s pitching grips. These personal touches pair well with Pottery Barn vintage baseball sheets and the neutrally striped wall of oatmeal, mushroom and white. Small vintage brick molds were repurposed on the walls as open shelving and display a collection of autographed baseballs. The room is finished off by a bit of color and pattern in the custom roman shades.

The 5-year-old son needed a place he could grow in. “We decorated this space with longevity in mind,” says Laura. For example, a cozy chair in the corner is the perfect place for mom and dad to read him a book, but swing arm lamps were installed above the bed for when he’s able to read on his own. Laura kept the layout of the space very open to maximize play area on the floor. The addition of a plush nylon rug makes for comfy play and easy cleanup where both toys and the family’s three dogs are concerned.

A large dresser (anchored to the wall for safety) provides the proper amount of storage for clothing while the ottoman at the end of the bed is a great place to store toys and clutter. His bookcase shows off his prized possesions while also acting as his night table stand. One of Laura’s favorite pieces in this space is the iron bed, she says. “It’s so classic and melds perfectly with the other elements in the room.”

Whether reading a book with mom, playing with dad or hanging out with the dogs, this 5-year-old has the perfect place to do it. And while the space works well for him at such a young age, decisions made by the design team allow for an easy transition from a child’s room to a teenager’s.


Interior Designer: Laura Lee Home