PLATINUM 300-390 square feet: Chelsea Design Company

Why the judges love it: We love the repetition of shapes within the space. The island looks like a custom piece of furniture. We like how the designer stained the new window frames for contrast.

Photography by Alise O’Brien


The homeowners wanted to transform their outdated, traditional 1980s builder-grade kitchen into a classic, luminous space. Working with Chelsea Design Company, the goal was to emulate a 100-year-old cottage with layers of red, white and navy. The Classic Americana, Ralph Lauren design would be highlighted by timeless material such as woods, unlacquered brass, bronze, stainless steel and marble. One of the biggest challenges was to brighten up the space, which the designer achieved by replacing the existing garden window with three new windows that meet the countertop. Decorative sconces offset the windows. The recessed can lights were also upgraded to new Colonial-inspired flush mount fixtures with exposed LED Edison-style bulbs. The wood panel ceiling treatment adds an element of warmth to the space, while the new faux beams draw your eye to the stove. The designer made the kitchen more navigable by eliminating a peninsula and creating a custom, furniture-like island in a contrasting dark alder wood. To make the island as functional as it is beautiful, deep drawers for storage were included and a lower shelf is a place to stow away pots and pans. The existing pantry and built-in desk were converted to a wall of inset cabinetry that conceals a built-in microwave, paneled refrigerator, pantry and coffee station.



Contractor: Strothkamp Restorations 

Interior Design: Cheslea Design Company 

Tile: Sunderlands 

Granite: Stone Trends, Custom Stone Interiors 

Plumbing Fixtures: Immerse Plumbing 

Appliances: Slyman Bros Appliances 

Flooring: Sunderlands