Brew Boldly

Whether you're a tea lover or coffee fantatic, strive every day to make your drink of choice a bit bolder with these inventive brewing necessities.

By Moe Godat


From the experts: This is a general guideline for tea steeping temperatures and times. Some teas will differ. For example, we recommend steeping Darjeeling tea at 195 degrees for three minutes as we find it can scald the leaves, causing bitterness. Green teas vary greatly but in general the below steeping times and temperatures give a you a good baseline.

—The London Tea Room


Black tea at 205° – 212°F (rolling boil)

Steep: 4 minutes

Green tea (China) at 160° – 170°F

Steep: 2 minutes

Green tea (Japan) at 140° – 150°F

Steep: 1 minutes

Oolong tea at 185° – 195°F

Steep: 3 minutes

White tea at 195° °F

Steep: 4 minutes