Fashion-Forward Flicker

Gas powered lights have made a huge comeback in the St. Louis design scene. Local professionals give us their take on the longevity of this hot trend.

Edited by Moe Godat

Lighting by St. James Lighting, available at Metro Lighting




Gas lights are definitely a classic. They have been used continuously for centuries. We now have light bulbs that simulate the "gas" look. Gas lights will be around for a long time to come. Linda Kusmer, Total Interior Designs.

Gas lights with their soft romantic glow are always a classic, and with cleaner more contemporary styles today, they are appropriate in a wide variety of projects. That said, as eco-awareness grows among clients who don’t want to be seen as insensitive to climate change, they will think twice before using them as entry fixtures. Robert Idol, IDOL DESIGN.

Gas lighting has come a long way, not just in function but in style. Modern gas lighting is being used in residential, business and commercial applications more than ever before. The unlimited design potential, combined with the beauty of an open flame, makes gas lanterns the perfect choice for any lifestyle. Mike Craft, Metro Lighting.

Gas lanterns are a beautiful option for home exteriors. Their elegant look, exquisite craftsmanship and unique glow offer a timeless feel that complements the style and architecture of your home. They take us back to a simpler time with a warm ambience that cannot truly be replicated by any modern bulb. Nichole Kennelly, Wilson Lighting.

They are definitely a classic decorative accent for the home! There is nothing that provides the same ambience as the inviting warm glow of a gas light at the entrance to your home. I have been around long enough to remember the post-mounted gas lights that appeared in the late 1960s. We had one in our front yard, and I have loved them ever since. Typically, if used as coach lights at an entry door, planning for the gas line needs to be done during the new construction building stage, but it is not impossible to add them later. Gas lamps are classic and here to stay! Julie Baum, BaumHouse Design.

Gas lanterns have been around since the late 17th century. Their warm glow adds ambience to any setting from traditional to contemporary. Unfortunately they do not provide an abundance of light. Anyone thinking of using them should consider their light needs and supplement with other lighting to assure the area is adequately lit. I like seeing them in outdoor living areas where their beauty can be enjoyed more! They are a timeless classic. Bill Hughes, Amini’s Galleria.

The warm flicker of a flame is very inviting and elegant in a fireplace or in a gas lantern. Gas lighting started in the late 1700s out of necessity, but remains a popular choice today to light patios, porches, gardens, restaurants and other businesses. Gas lights are a great way to add charm and authenticity to a historical renovation project. Most of the gas fixtures today actually have an electric start and are turned on and off with a switch; so easy, yet elegant. Gas lights are a fabulous and timeless way to incorporate elegant lighting. Definitely a classic! Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.


This is definitely a craze. Gas lights are not energy efficient when compared to LED or low-voltage options. Additionally, keeping these lit can be problematic so the maintenance makes them more trouble than they’re worth. David Schneider, Schneider Kennedy Design.


Who doesn’t love a flickering natural flame welcoming guests to their home? Adding gas lights to an historic home is, of course, a classic and creates an ambience that manmade flicker lights can’t hold a candle to. But putting them on just any new construction, that’s a craze. For starters, it’s expensive, not just for the light fixtures but to run the gas lines to support the lights. If you love the look but not the remodeling cost, consider flicker light bulbs. They will give you the look without the price tag, and when the next craze comes along you can change them! CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.