Designing Drama

Hollywood Regency design, also known as Hollywood glam, takes inspiration from the California coast in the mid-twentieth century. Here to be seen, Hollywood Regency doesn’t shy away from the glamorous side of design with eye-catching metallics, luxurious fabrics and a sophisticated atmosphere.

By Moe Godat


Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern: Since this design style began in the Hollywood golden age in the 1930s, much of furniture associated with Hollywood Regency style falls into the Art Deco category. Art Deco pieces are categorized by simple, clean, streamlined shapes with an ornamental twist. Like art deco pieces, Mid-century modern furniture and decor is simple and streamlined, which takes the focus from the furniture and redirects it to lavish, high-shine decorations. While these two styles are a great place to start, don’t let them limit you! Hollywood Regency works well with all things glamorous, from ‘60s mod-inspired pieces to contemporary silhouettes.

Concise, Central Color: Hollywood Regency style puts an emphasis on the decorations and accessories in a room. To make these accessories stand out, opt for a neutral color palette on your walls to create contrast. To amp up the glam, choose a dark base color to make the space feel rich and moody.

Embrace the Unexpected: Though the ‘30s influence this style, Hollywood Regency isn’t tied to any one certain time period, so feel free to mix it up! The purpose of Hollywood glam is to shock, interest and excite both guests and yourself, so choose pieces that bring you joy and fit your style without worrying about the design period they are modeled after. However, make sure the pieces are contrasting rather than clashing.

Jewel Tones Galore: What’s more luxurious than jewels? Using jewel tones as accent colors creates a regal air in any space. Deep hues such as dark purple and emerald green give the room pops of colors without overwhelming the oh-so-important accessories.

Light Up the Stage: Light fixtures can make or break a space’s atmosphere. When choosing your light fixtures for a Hollywood Regency design, focus on whether you’d like them to highlight your accessories or become a room’s centerpiece. For spaces with high ceilings or room for extra drama, select an eye-catching chandelier as a shining focal point.

Time to Shine: Working with a neutral color palette on the walls will give your accessories the spotlight. When choosing accessories, pick pieces that have high-contrast and metallic finishes. Materials such as crystal, marble and stone also work well with metallics and can lend a luxurious feel to your room.

Livable Luxury: While the furniture and central color palette appear simple, the fabric choices for the room’s main pieces shouldn’t be. Create a livable space with lush textiles like silk, velvet and high-quality faux fur to make your space beautiful to behold and comfortable for your family and guests.

Floor-to-Ceiling Style: Window treatments are a simple way to add a sense of grandeur to a space. Treat the drapes as a statement piece by choosing a rich fabric in a jewel tone or invest in high-quality sheers to add quiet drama. No matter the fabric or color you choose, make the room appear larger, brighter and grander with floor-to-ceiling treatments.