The Sound of Music

Calling all singers, songwriters, pianists and more… turn that extra, unused space in your home into a music room. This dedicated spot for playing and practicing is about more than just the instruments and equipment. It is a place to showcase your talents and creativity.

By Melissa Mauzy


Place with Purpose By Ernesto Santalla. This lower-level renovation provided exactly what the family musician needed: a space to rehearse, play, record and entertain! It’s a dream realized and a perfect way to utilize available space with purpose.

Songwriter’s Space By Jaque Bethke, Jaque Bethke Design. This room was created for a client who was a songwriter. The room is outfitted with a specialized desk for keyboards, microphones and instruments for working in an inspirational space. A birdseye maple was used to elevate the very special guitar collection, which was then highlighted in red leather and studs for a rocker vibe. The room is surrounded with glass panels, which were etched with the songwriter's favorite lyrics. Plenty of storage was provided on the perimeter and created benches for other artists to sit and collaborate.

Family Music Space By Nathan Taylor, Obelisk Home. When a music loving family wanted to find a space to enjoy their respective talents, what once was possibly a screened-in porch now became the perfect space to incorporate music into their daily lives. Utilizing art and accessories collected from the homeowner’s past, designers created a space full of memories and fun. 50s styled modern velvet club chairs were the perfect addition to the drums, keyboard and guitars all played by the family. Photography by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creation.

Music Celebration By Nikki Klugh Design Group. This space was a formal living room that wasn't being utilized and therefore wasn't serving the homeowners. The husband is a music lover and had the opportunity of seeing some incredible bands play and get their signatures on various objects. The space became a celebration of all things music and a place for her husband to come when he was feeling inspired to play.\

Music on Wheels By Brian Crabb, VIVA Collectiv. The designer wanted to create a space for the homeowner to be able to jam wherever she goes, so the room is actually built onto a moveable trailer. For the wide-planked walls, they used 1/2" birch plywood cut into 12" strips with a slight gap between to create visual interest. An oversized glass garage door naturally lights the room and allows it to open up to the world. The space was finished by hanging all of the homeowner’s numerous violins throughout the room to make a space that is truly hers.

Rolling Stone Inspired By Studio CM. For this project, the client is a couple who wanted a comfortable home yet indulge their passion for music. They are both in a doctor’s band and their three grown sons also share that love for music. The inspiration the clients loosely based this on was the Rolling Stones recording of Exile on Main Street – Villa Nelcotte. Obviously, this needed to be tailored to a high-rise building environment.