Blueprint for Excellence

Darryl Labruyere, president and designer at DL Design

Photography provided by DL Design


Earned Reputation: Upon finishing college, I took a position as a draftsman with an architectural and engineering design/build firm. The firm handled residential and commercial projects, with a main focus on the commercial end. I wanted to focus more on residential architecture and construction, so I went to work for a St. Louis home builder that designed and did the construction drawings for the homes they built. Within 6 years, I was ready to open my own architectural firm, DL Design. After servicing hundreds of builders and thousands of clients over the years, DL Design has kept a very strong clientele following that keeps growing as time marches on. Our attention to design and detailed construction drawings has earned us a warranted reputation in the industry.

Personally Designed: As part of an initial client design meeting, I like to find out the client’s needs and to some extent their personalities. From there, we talk about the home’s layout, styles of architecture, lot considerations and budgets for construction costs.

Handcrafted and Custom: Although most of today’s work is completed on computers, I still prefer to present design concepts with hand-drawn sketches and renderings. I seem to think more freely than when not tied to a keyboard.

Changing with the Times: I am probably more personable with clients compared to 20 years ago. I always try to make the architectural projects an enjoyable experience for my clients. Nothing makes my day more than when a client thanks me for working with them and how happy they are with the outcome. That’s what it’s all about!