Set in Stone

Glenda Henneboehle of Stone Fabricators gives us insight into the use of stone and how it can be used to upgrade any bathroom.

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Portrait photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

Photography courtesy of Anne Matheis, Ben Vens, Alise O'Brien and John Skaggs


Endless Possibilities

Stone Fabricators is a custom stone fabrication shop. We provide our residential and commercial clients with endless possibilities for all of their countertop needs. Even though countertops are our most popular service,  we also provide customers with custom fireplace surrounds, shower walls, tub decks, wall cladding, furniture tops, tables and more.

Taking the First Step

When a client decides to use stone for their upcoming project, they will submit their drawings/plans to our salespeople for a preliminary quote.  If the customer has not already selected their material, they may ask for a quote simply using budget numbers.  However, our clients visit our showroom or one of our supplier's showrooms to search for the perfect material for their upcoming project. Once they have made their material selections they will then ask for a quote.  When the quote is approved, we will turn the job in to our production team and we will template once everything is ready.

Mix and Match

There are so many different stone patterns and textures available. While it is quite common to mix textures, mixing different stones in one space can be challenging.  We tell clients that it is up to their designer or their own personal preference when it comes to mixing different stones.

Cutting Edge

A mitered edge or eased edge, which offers a thicker look, is typically selected for the modern, clean-line bathroom design. Whereas, bathrooms with a traditional or timeless look often use an ogee edge which features concave and convex arches.

Creativity in Small Spaces

Bathrooms can showcase some very creative, beautiful stonework. If you can dream it, we can certainly do our best to make that idea come to fruition.  We have extremely skilled craftsmen in our shop that put some of the most exquisite details on vanities, moldings, sculpted backsplashes, window casings and mirror picture frames. We hand-craft custom vanity sinks on a regular basis in our shop.

Conscious Combinations

When selecting stone for your bathroom, it is important to be cognizant of the weight of the material. For this reason, it is most common to use the same material on the shower, vanity and backsplashes, but simply use tile in the same color for the flooring.  The most common combination is using the same stone slab material for the vanity, backsplash, tub deck and shower pieces (jambs, curbs, bench and niches), however the possibilities are endless.    See for resources.