Clean Slate

Jennifer Barton, from NEAT Method STL, gives us insight into her process when organizing a home and how to maintain clean spaces. 

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

NEAT Method is the nation's largest home organizing company. I launched the St. Louis franchise in 2021. Our team loves taking homes from chaotic to composed. As a team, we organize with a design-forward approach to create customized, sustainable systems for our clients based on their needs and lifestyles. We believe that a clean and organized space leads to a calmer and more productive life.

Fresh Start

Every NEAT Experience begins with an in-home consultation so we can understand each family's specific needs. The first step at a consultation is to determine what areas in the home are causing the largest frustrations. This ranges from disorganized kitchens, closets or bathrooms, to boxes that have been stored in the basement or garage for years. From there, we will ask questions to learn about day-to-day use of the space, take measurements, discuss organizational product selections and discuss our overall process and specific strategy for the space.

Keep It Natural!

The NEAT team takes a “no-judgment” approach to organization. When we arrive for an in-home consultation we want to see your everyday life. We want to see pantries with the typical amount of food, closets with all the clothing present and even playrooms in their “natural state.” This helps us see the pain areas of a space, and identify what is working and where changes should be made. Whatever your circumstances are, our objective is to help organize and de-stress your life.

Long-term Solutions

Consistency is key! Regular maintenance is the difference between an organized space and a tidy space. After a space has been organized, if life happens and things get a little messy, the client should be able to reset the space in 15 minutes or less.

Lasting Impact

I love organizing kitchens and pantries. Being able to give someone a well-functioning everyday space that is visually beautiful feels so good. It's especially satisfying to have this impact in such a high traffic space like a pantry.

Top Tips for Organization:

Start with one area, for example, a closet, organize your t-shirts or in a kitchen, organize one drawer.

Remove all contents of the small space, categorize items, clean the area and then edit the items you actually want and use.

Use organization products that fit the space! Measure the space and consider the number and type of items you’re storing.

Make sure you label any bins to help keep them organized!