Color Connoisseur

Tamsin Mascetti, owner and designer at Tamsin Design Group, shows you how incorporating color can be fun and stimulating to any space.

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton


Tamsin has a B.S. in Interior Design and nearly 20 years of design expertise and knowledge. Her firm specializes in residential and commercial interior design. Tamsin is an award-winning designer in Chicago and the St. Louis area and has had several projects published.

SLHL: What is the biggest mistake homeowners make with color?
Tamsin: Homeowners are often not gutsy enough with color. Even though they may love a certain color, they are reluctant to introduce it to their living spaces. It is a fact that you’re happier and more productive when you are surrounded by colors that resonate with you. So introduce that fuchsia, emerald green or tangerine – whatever makes you happy!

SLHL: What do you suggest to a homeowner who is scared of too much color?
Tamsin: Paint is a relatively cheap fix. Pick a new shade for an accent wall. Paint a bedside table or accent chair. Or buy fresh pillows, kitchen accessories or window treatments to bring in color in small doses.

SLHL: What are your thoughts on colored furniture? How can you make a piece work?
Tamsin: Painted furniture is a fresh look that adds personality to any room. A piece of painted furniture helps give a room a gradually collected appearance rather than the matchy-match look that is so outdated.

SLHL: What is the latest design craze for 2014?
Tamsin: What I love about 2014 is that anything goes! I don't think you will look back at this time period and find it to be as easily identifiable as say the 70s, 80s or 90s. It's not about putting styles in fixed categories like traditional, rustic, modern or bohemian. This year will represent an eclectic mix of styles and influences. Find pieces that speak to you, and have fun!

SLHL: What tips do you have for the homeowner who likes to constantly change things up?
Tamsin: Why not? Change is fun and stimulating. If you can afford it, go all out and express yourself! If you’re more budget-challenged, select smaller, more inexpensive changes to fulfill your yearning for the new and original.

SLHL: What trends are you seeing in color?
The color of the year is orchid, and there will be beaucoup accessories in the stores. Orchid is a great, fresh color that can trend warm or cool, but if it’s not your style go to your heart’s desire. Navy lue is also trending because of its versatility to blend with other colors and styles. It's a classic look that can serve as the backdrop to almost anything. Also hot: cayenne, sand, mint green and pale blue.