Classic or Craze: April 2015

For our April color and technology issue, we asked local designers and tech gurus if enclosed theater rooms are a classic or a craze.

By Melissa Mauzy


For our April coior and technology issue, we asked local designers and tech gurus if enclosed theater rooms are a classic or a craze. Tell us your opinion. Vote now. Here is what the professionals had to say...

“We are selling more dedicated home theaters this year than we ever have. A dedicated home theater uses a projection television and screen as opposed to a big tv. The screen and projector need to be in their own room so you can control light and contain sound, plus they’re fun for people to design. When you’re in a dedicated theater room, the whole idea is that you want to escape reality for two hours. You want to feel like you’ve gone out without leaving your home. In luxury homes, people are including a dedicated room because they have the extra real estate. In other homes, we are seeing more media rooms that are more multipurpose with flat-panel display, nice surround sound, streaming and gaming options.” David Young, The Sound Room.

“I’m noticing a continuing trend for enclosed theater rooms. However, I see more flexible seating options as opposed to single seat theater configurations. My clients are showing a trend of reclining sectionals and more casual areas to lay down and watch movies, rather than the theater chairs that sit singularly. Many homeowners that have teenagers and use their lower levels for casual movie watching want areas that can accommodate large groups, rather than the singular benefit of a chair recliner with cup holders and LED lighting for example. Overall, I think the idea of the closed theater room is still alive and well for the next few years. As we see in rooms with new concepts, it takes a few years for us to get it right for true functional comfort.” Krista Howard, Krista Howard Interiors.

“With the growing popularity of open-concept floor plans, the enclosed theater room still remains a classic. The primary purpose of a theater room has been to darken and soundproof the space, creating the ultimate movie-theater experience and  also  insulating the  sound from the rest of the home. Today however, thanks to our always-evolving technology, there are so many options and  gadgets available to  increase the enjoyment and use of the space that the enclosed media room is becoming more popular than ever! Think  surround sound, mood lighting, fiber-optic ceiling lights, etc., all with a touch of the iPad, plus 3D movies and virtual-reality gaming without leaving the comforts of home!” Jennifer Rapp and Emily Koch, JCR Design Group.

“Theater rooms, whether open concept or closed, are a craze. No matter the amount of square footage my client's have available, they are realizing that they want rooms that can be multipurpose. Instead of just having a theater room, they want to utilize the space as a family/entertaining area as well.” Amy Studebaker, Amy Studebaker Design.

“At the SOHO Shop we now create more open entertainment spaces than theater rooms. On some of our larger home projects we still see the architect and homeowners calling for enclosed theather rooms, but this is just a small percentage. For the last five years, the trend has been to design a spacious, open entertainment space, which flows into an area with a large screen and seating area, generally on the home's lower level. We find that our client's use the theater system more often with this open configuration. This design also allows families to more easily supervise what their children are watching or playing.” Dennis Hickman, The SOHO Shop.