KOTY 2016: Hub of the House

ARBA Studios, Gold winner, More than 325 square feet

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Photography by Anne Matheis


Hub of the House
With the kitchen as a central part of their new custom home, the homeowners wanted it to serve as the social hub of the house. To create a kitchen that was the center of activity and a natural gathering spot, architect ARBA Studios designed a kitchen that links the living room, breakfast area, dining room and outdoor living area, while also being convenient to the garage and mudroom entry. The design orients the kitchen’s ample windows toward the private backyard.

The style of the kitchen bridges clean lines, warmth and practicality. The 16-foot custom quartz-surface island houses the sink, dishwasher, under-counter microwave and a generous prep area that allows whomever is cooking to work comfortably while being immersed in the activity of the area. The island features a stunning illuminated gemstone bar counter. To satisfy the need for ample storage space, a bank of tall cabinets is located near the refrigerator. There are also a full-size walk-in pantry and butler’s pantry tucked just around the corner on the way to the dining room. The clean kitchen design easily accommodates both everyday family activities and large social gatherings.

Why the judges love it:
The unassuming feel of the kitchen blends so naturally with the home. The use of gemstones in the island is unusual and pulls in the natural elements from the outdoors. The horizontal grain of the cabinets keeps your eye flowing through the space.

Architect: ARBA Studios Architects, 314-753-3007
Cabinets: Perspective Cabinetry, 314-716-3525
Appliances: ABS, 314-429-0972
Lighting: Metro Lighting, 314-963-8330
Sink & Faucet: Crescent Plumbing, 314-727-4200
Countertops: Russo Stone and Tile Design, 314-771-1234
Windows: Andersen