KOTY 2016: Open and Bright

brooksBerry & Associates, Gold winner, Less than 250 square feet

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Photography by Anne Matheis


Open and Bright
Faced with a kitchen that had been updated with misfit appliances, poor lighting and used cabinets, the homeowners of this mid-century brick ranch wanted to open up the sight lines and let natural light into the kitchen, while making the space feel like the rest of the house. Other things on the wish list included a walk-in pantry for storage, butler’s pantry and island. Designer Chris Berry of brooksBerry took on the renovation.

Walls were reconfigured to provide a widened hallway for the butler’s pantry and walk-in pantry. Visible from the living room, the passage door to the walk-in pantry was built out of matching walnut and integrated into the surrounding cabinetry of the butler’s pantry. The corridor has a more formal, period look, joining it with the living and dining rooms.

Why the judges love it:
The functionality and flow of this kitchen were significantly improved. The built-in details are outstanding and really make the kitchen unique. The simple backsplash provides height.