Classic or Craze: Statement Ceilings

Is it a classic or is it a craze?

By Melissa Mauzy


Statement Ceilings

Adding a special ceiling treatment can transform a room from top to bottom, whether using paint, wallpaper, wood or another material of your choice. For our September issue, we asked local design professionals if statement ceilings were a classic or a craze. Here’s what they had to say.


“Definitely a classic! For centuries, ceilings in Europe have been lavishly decorated with trims, paintings and mosaics. They complete the space.  What would the Sistine Chapel be without Michelangelo’s frescos? The task of the designer is getting the customer to invest in the details that make a space one of a kind.  Simply done or more ornate, statement ceilings are worth every penny.” Julie Baum, BaumHouse design.

“Including the ceiling in the design concept, whether it is a paint color, paint technique or applying wood, tin, tile, etc… I feel completes the designed space. Statement ceiling have been around for ages and will continue to flourish. Classic is my vote!” Pamela Calvert, Pamela Calvert Interiors.

“A classic. I have been advising clients for over 20 years to consider the ceiling as an extra wall, a fifth and very important wall. Often the ceiling is the largest surface in a room. That means that how you treat it can change the ambience of a room. Painted ceilings are here to stay.” CJ Knapp, Yours By Design

“Classic that I’m CRAZED about. So often overlooked, this is the crowning piece of a room, the fascinator hat that makes the outfit. There are times when a plain white ceiling is preferred, such as a minimalist look or when there is lots of art that needs to take center stage. However, there are many more times when the ceiling desperately needs paint, a mural, wallpaper, molding — or a combination of these elements.  So don’t forget the fifth wall when you remodel your house!” Marcia Moore, Marcia Moore Design.

“Classic! Decorative ceilings have been around forever. Prehistoric cave art on ceilings, the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo and metal tile ceilings of the industrial era are just a few examples.” Jeannie Brendel, Brendel Architects

“Fabulous statement ceilings have been around for centuries; the incredible fresco ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is probably the most fabulous statement ceiling of all time. The ceiling in any room is really a ‘fifth wall’ and a great statement ceiling can turn a bland room into a grand room. Statement ceilings can be simple or dramatic and include wooden accents, wallpaper, paint, maps, and a wide variety of custom applications. The sky is the limit when decorating a statement ceiling…definitely a classic!” Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.

“Classic! In the Victorian era, ceilings were lavishly decorated. Maybe because the ceilings were nine-foot-plus in height, they received the same attention, as did the walls. Today, popular ceiling treatments come in natural and faux materials. And what about urethane millwork, an eco friendly product, with the added bonus of no trees having to be cut down! Homeowners will continue to look for creative ways to enhance their rooms and add that extra display of embellishment. Whether the ceilings are eight feet or 20 feet high, a decorative addition of wallpaper, tin, medallions, beadboard, beams, decorative painting or simply a paint color different from the wall color is an excellent layer to the overall design!” Joyce Mathis, MJM Design Company.