Moving with Pets


To make the transition between residences easy for you and your pets, check out these helpful tips from


Become familiar with leash laws, pet ordinances and pet licensing requirements with the state or county you are moving to.

If you are renting, carefully review the lease to ensure that pets are allowed before you move in.

Secure a new vet and have records transferred in advance of your move. Talk to your current veterinarian for referrals or research vets in your new area online.

Get your pet a new identification tag that includes your pet’s name, your name, new address and phone number.

Have a plan for how you are going to properly restrain your pet in your vehicle.

If your move requires an overnight stay to reach your destination, plan ahead for overnight accommodations that are pet friendly.


Keep your pet secure. Place your pet in a designated safe place where he/she won’t accidentally escape as people are coming in and out of the house.

Check on your pet frequently and try to maintain a regular feeding, walking and bathroom schedule.


Prepare your new home. Have all of your pet’s necessities and essentials ready for them on day one so they feel comfortable in their new settings.

Keep them leashed when not in the house or yard until they are familiarized with the new surroundings.

Secure pets during move-in. Just as you did on the day you moved out, keep your pet in a safe and quiet place to ensure they don’t accidentally escape.

Have a recent photo of your pet in the unfortunate event that they do run off during the move.