• 2018 Baths of the Year - Platinum

    2018 Baths of the Year - Platinum

    Did you know that the average person spends at least 92 days in the bathroom over their lifetime? With this much time spent in one...

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    Built in the 1970s, Tom Kraatz’s Kirkwood home possessed some anachronistic elements in the master bath that kept the retiree from fully enjoying the generous 375-square-foot room. 

    “While there was a lot of space, it was all disconnected and in smaller separate rooms,” Tom says. “The prior owners presumably wanted independent bathrooms, which made for redundant fixtures, aisles and restricted natural light into the different spaces.”


    There are a million and a half ways to go about home renovation. And some of them don’t even cost a million and a half straight out of the gate. 

    For a pair of St. Louis Hills homeowners, a long-term timeline and a great deal of patience have allowed them to remodel their home from, as they tell it, “one inch to the other.” Their recently completed master bath, one of the last major renovations on the property, depending on whom you ask, is a beautiful, and textbook, example of their inch-by-inch approach to home improvement.


    The 1990s may not seem so long ago, but in terms of house decor it’s an eternity, as Tamsin Mascetti of Tamsin Design Group can attest. Tamsin encountered a walk back in time with the recent redesign of client Christine Shore’s master bath. The home had undergone a refresh to most rooms, but the bathroom remained 220 square feet of anachronistic dysfunction. The interior design equivalent of the plaid flannel shirt, distressed jeans and Birkenstocks.


    After a dozen or so years in her St. Louis home, Dawn Weinhardt, co-owner of Weinhardt Party Rentals, was ready to freshen up around the house, starting with an outdated master bath. A head-to-toe makeover in the summer of 2017 took the room from dim and dull to bright black and white. It’s now a modern gray-tone bathroom with a mix of just enough femme frill and mild machismo to make the space a haven for just about anyone seeking a quiet retreat.


    Gone are the days of the bulky, built-in bathtubs. More and more homeowners are opting for sleek, spa-inspired freestanding tubs.

    1. Cáscara, by MTI, available at Crescent Plumbing Supply, Ferguson, Henry Plumbing and Premier Plumbing Studio.