Who says form has to follow function? While the maxim might guide modernist architecture or industrial design, designer Fifi Lugo needed a little more leeway to develop a design concept for a hardworking home office in Glendale. “We didn’t want it to feel like an office,” she explains. So often, the home office winds up being too much “office” and not enough “home.” The uninspired cure is to hide a cluttered study behind closed doors and call it a day. 


    A more natural and organic shape is reigning supreme in furniture design. Curved sofas and love seats exude luxury and sophistication.

    1. Thea settee, available at West Elm.

    2. Gia sofa, by Weiman, available at Ember Home Studio.


    Made by the Lake

    On Smith Mountain Lake, one house stands out. Unlike other 1980s-era McMansions, this developer-occupied estate exhibited quality craftsmanship, elegant architecture — not to mention panoramic views of one of the state’s most popular lakes. “My clients coveted it for years,” admits St. Louis-based designer Robert Idol. The couple was living in a condo on the lake nearby when a for-sale sign went up, and they didn’t waste any time making an offer on their dream home. 


    Statement Ceilings

    Adding a special ceiling treatment can transform a room from top to bottom, whether using paint, wallpaper, wood or another material of your choice. For our September issue, we asked local design professionals if statement ceilings were a classic or a craze. Here’s what they had to say.


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    Mixing the Old with the New

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    Front Door Makeover

    Since the interior of our home usually commands all of our design attention, the exterior can often become lackluster in comparison. This spring, elevate...

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