10 Design Trends Making a Comeback

10 Design Trends Making a Comeback

Many interior design trends that were once widely popular have recently come back into style with fresh, contemporary twists. Designers and homeowners are taking a walk down memory lane to give new life to fabulous fads left behind decades ago. Get inspired by the vogue feel of these 10 time-honored design trends – you never know, you might just find a use for that antique accessory stashed in the basement.

1. Bold Wallpaper – The new wave of wallpaper is much more than what was found on the walls of your grandparent’s house. Trendsetters with modern tastes are making a stylish statement with bold patterns, appealing textures and lively colors. Try placing a metallic print on the ceiling of your dining room, or using wallpaper to create visual interest with an accent wall.

2. Tin Ceilings – Found in countless residences in the 1800s, homeowners are still drawn to the timeless patterns found in tin ceiling tiles. The chic, affordable look can be customized to fit any aesthetic, as colors and embossed design options are plentiful. Tin ceilings are perfect for adding a touch of traditional elegance to your home. 

3. Traditional Rugs – Old World rugs typically have only been found on the floors of traditionally styled spaces, but they have started to pop up in more modern settings. The bold, geometric patterns of tribal and village rugs effortlessly complement contemporary décor. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and mix traditional accessories with nontraditional design.

4. Orange – Throughout much of the 1960s and ‘70s, orange was one of the most sought after shades used in interior design. Today, orange is paired with crisp whites and bright blues for a refreshed take on nautical style. The beautiful tangerine hue helps to elevate the relaxed, classic look.

5. Shag Rugs – Nothing screams 1970s like a shag carpet, but you’ll love the modern interpretations of this once popular trend that are being found in up-to-date homes. These fluffy, cozy rugs add playfulness to the sleek lines and simplicity of modern design.

6. Brass – Brass has come back as a softer, antiqued version of its shiny predecessor, and has quickly become the metal of choice for fixtures and hardware. Designers and homeowners are obsessed with using satin brass for water fixtures and lighting. Whether used indoors or outdoors, brass has beauty and charm that updates any space.

7. Freestanding Tubs – Adding a sense of luxury and openness to a space, stand-alone tubs and vanities have become very popular with those remodeling or designing a bathroom. These stunning focal points can be incorporated into any home, as there are a variety of styles and shapes to choose from.

8. Wood Panels – Gone are the days of dark, dreary wood panels that accented nearly every home in the ‘60s. Many are incorporating rustic, retro vibes into their modern spaces by reviving a trend that has been deemed outdated for several decades. 

9. Pastels – The soft, muted colors often spotted in spring decorations have recently made their presence known in almost every room of the house. Spruce up your neutral kitchen with a splash of color in kitchen appliances and accessories. Or, add a relaxed ambiance to a bathroom or sitting room with a softer shade of your favorite color.

10. Handmade Furniture – While machines have been responsible for driving design trends and creating much of what we put in our homes, handcrafted furniture is now beginning to make a comeback with those looking to incorporate an authentic, rustic feel into their favorite spaces. We can’t get enough of handmade dining room tables!


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