When the Eames couple first began designing chairs for Herman Miller Furniture in the late 1940s, they focused their designs on comfort, fashion and affordability. However, the married couple’s most famous innovation centered around luxury for then-modern homes, leading to its inevitable placement in museums all over the world. As a piece created after WWII, the Eames chair reflects a time of “waste not, want not” while still adding flair and style to any room.


    Try finding a bad view when your home is located in between Lincoln Greens Golf Course in the front and Lake Springfield in the back. In addition to the prime location, the homeowner was drawn to the home’s modern contemporary feel and open floor plan. “It reminded me a lot of a California home,” he says. And he would know, having relocated from the West Coast before moving into the home in Springfield, Illinois. Trading the beach for a lake, his home showcases elevated modern design in the Midwest — and three times more space.

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