Building a custom home allows homeowners to design their new residence to meet all of their wants and desires. During the blueprint phase of construction in Town and Country, builder Jim New of Monterey Custom Homes called on kitchen and bath designer Anne Boedges of Anne Marie Design Studio to ensure the homeowners’ kitchen was the perfect design for them and complemented the elegance of the rest of the home.


    It was an ambitious project—to say the least—for a St. Louis couple who took their original kitchen down to the studs and subfloor while inhabiting the rest of the house. Because the age of the home caused many challenges in the structure and overall design of the remodle, the project took eight months. Yet, the homeowners knew the final outcome would be well worth the wait.


    one: By Reid Architects. Photography by Daniel Hopkinson.

    two: By FINNE Architects. Photography by Benjamin Benschneider.

    three: By Kirkwood Stair & Millwork. Photography by the Loft.

    four: By SAK Designs. Photography by MonikaSathe Photography.

    five: By Andrew Dunning, London Contemporary. Photography by Paul Craig.

    six: By Design First Interiors. Photography by Metropolis.

    seven: By Axis Mundi. Photography by Adriana Buffi.


    Surrounded by towering trees, some more than 200 years old, “Many Oaks” had been a Ladue landmark since 1907. The formal gardens once reflected the grandeur of the World’s Fair era and, in 1911, the imposing Bavarian Tudor residence was among the region’s first to convert from gas to electricity. Owned by a succession of prominent St. Louisans over the years, the historic home had been updated in the 1980s, but still retained its original character.


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    Purchasing a new home and moving isn’t typically a fast and simple process for most homebuyers. But for Brett and Jennifer Cecil, the move to St. Louis came quickly after Brett signed as a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals in late 2016. Soon after, the couple got to work finding a home for their family in the Lou before the season began.