Black Window Trim

From the coast of California to the bold design of Scandinavia, black window trim has finally made its way into St. Louis style. But is it just making an appearance, or is it here to stay? Here’s what some of our local design professionals had to say.

Edited by Moe Godat 




Black is always classic when it is part of the overall design concept and is architecturally appropriate. Based on the idea of historic iron and steel windows, black can add emphatic sophistication and solidity to a project. I would not recommend dousing an entire house with gray paint. I would not suggest painting trims black just to be trendy.  It all has to make sense.  Renée Céleste Flanders. 


While some people may think that black windows are a new trend, they have been around since 1920 when the cost of steel was very low. Black windows have never gone out of style, and they help set the tone for a home. They are versatile, pairing well with a variety of design choices. Use the black as another design element in your home. Just like the plain white tee and denim jeans, black windows are a timeless classic! Kathy Israel, Accent on Cabinets.


Black window trim favors the transitional to contemporary side of design. The very formal look of a home is slowly evolving into a more sophisticated yet comfortable layout. The black window trim is adding an architectural element to this evolution. Today’s updates are trending toward rooms with clean lines and neutral tones. The black window trim frames that picture and presents a finished look. It may be a craze for some, but I think it has potential to become a classic as form and function continue to transition. Georgine O’Donnell, O’Designs.


Anything black or white NEVER goes out style. That being said, black window trim definitely reads better in a classic home setting or a retro renovation. Not every space can handle black window trim; if not done properly (addressing the rest of the room appropriately and with contrast) it can definitely look out of place. The more folks see it used improperly, the quicker clients will dismiss the idea.

Natalie Pinson, Creative Endeavors.


Although they are definitely seeing resurgence in the design world, I think black steel windows are a timeless and beautiful addition to any home. They provide a lovely contrast to the light, bright interiors that are so popular right now. Mind you, cheaply executed thick, black vinyl windows that are "following the craze" are not necessarily in the same category. In my opinion, they can look clunky and cheap; but, solidly and professionally built steel windows will never go out of style. Allison Dozier, Allison Dozier Interiors.


Black is elegant, sophisticated, prestigious and empowering. Black creates an illusion of depth and offers transparency when needed. Black is subtle while adding substance and weight, draws attention yet can fade away, and gives power to other hues sharing the same palette. Geri Hayes, Ideas Only: Color + Design + Lighting.


Black window moldings are definitely a craze. Black is heat absorbent and does not age well; it degrades and looks chalky. It will increase energy cost due to it absorption of heat. Finally, it is stark and creates a very high contrast appearance which is not what most people find appealing in interiors. David Schneider, Pure Home Design.


Every room needs a touch of black—so put it on the window trim! Black window trim is very sophisticated, bold and dramatic.  It is a great way to add depth and dimension to any room in a house. I use black, as well as other bold colors, to glam up a space and to provide contrast. Painting the window trim in black instantly adds energy to a room. Black trim is having a big moment right now, but I don’t feel like it has eternal staying power. I think black window trim is more of a long-term trendy design element versus a classic design element. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design


Black window trim adds a distinct detail to a home by accentuating the mullions and design of the windows. Although black window trim has been used in commercial architecture for many years, the rise of the use in the residential market is a welcomed craze for many architectural styles from farmhouse to modern homes. Chris Paul, B.A. Interior Design.