Floating Vanities

Are you considering a bold vanity change in your home? Floating vanities are huge today, but these design professionals are telling us whether they think floating vanities are just a fad or if they’re here to stay.

Edited by Moe Godat



Floating vanities used to be synonymous with contemporary bathroom design. We have more recently seen the floating vanity evolve to be incorporated in all different design styles and not only found in a modern interior. This versatility along with its ability to create more open visual space is the reason why we see this trend staying! Diane Mantovani Fogerty and Brett Clark, SAVVY Design Group.


They are not for every bathroom. If what you have to work with is a small hall bath, there probably isn't enough space to create the visual impact we are all looking for. If the bathroom is of medium to generous size, what you give up in storage you pick up in a more spacious-feeling bathroom. Rather than the floor being "overlooked," it can become a statement. A floating vanity creates a number of opportunities that you can't get with a floor-mounted one.  Is it a trend? Sure, but soon to become a classic. Jeffrey Hochman, Choteau Building Group.


I think floating vanities have been around for a long time, but they’ve become more front and center now that the St. Louis style is making more of a clean line transformation. Added benefits to floating vanities are the ability to add indirect soft lighting below. Also, they create the illusion of more space by extending your flooring wall to the wall under a floating vanity. Bathrooms can tend to have more water on tile floors, so keeping cabinetry off the floor makes them last longer and stay looking new. Bob Burmeister, Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry.


We love floating vanities in bathrooms and consider them the new look for traditional. A floating cabinet gives a feeing  of airiness to the room. For a more contemporary look, we use a flat-panel door and hidden hardware. Then, we light the cabinet underneath. Doing this gives the family a night light in the room. C.J. Knapp, Yours By Design.


I think this is a trend, but while that may be, floating vanities cover many styles; modern, minimalist and transitional.  They have been a refreshing change that complements a broad range of design.  The open floor space adds to the room's spacial feel and from a practical sense the vanity contents are closer at hand. Keith Gegg, Gegg Design & Cabinetry.


We appreciate the design and look for a sleeker space and it does free up some visual space and can look amazing. However, our gut tends to think it’s more of a fad than a classic! Jennifer Suydam, Ladd Suydam Contracting.


Bathrooms are a place in the home where fad items seem to remain present for far longer than other areas. In our opinion, the floating vanity is a perfect example of this.  From our customer experience, we have observed that the floating vanity, while looking clean and exciting, simply put does not fit into most customers style. Moreover, as customers transform their bathroom, they are looking to capitalize on space and functionality, which is something that floating vanities simply do not have a lot to offer. So as much as we love the look of a floating vanity, this leads us to have to label it a fad. Candice Davis, Lakeside Exteriors.


A floating vanity has a sleek and modern look, but it might not be the best choice for all bathrooms.  A floating vanity is a great cabinet choice if you want to make a small bathroom appear larger than it really is, or if you have a stylish floor that you want to see more of, or if a space with “easy-cleaning” is a must have. In certain instances, there are several benefits in using a floating vanity, but I feel like it is more of a trendy design element that does not have real staying power. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.


A floating vanity is first and foremost, I believe, an acquired taste. It won't fit in just anyone's home. It lends itself to a more contemporary manner for its clean, minimalistic appearance. When a design feature has stood the test of time and has been considered to be of high quality, then it earns the term CLASSIC. So for now, a floating vanity is a FAD. Mary Robinson, Home Elements.



Floating vanities are a trendy element in residential design. Currently a popular choice for those who prefer a more contemporary look in their home, their clean, minimalist look is perfect for small-scale rooms where space is a premium. Because of their sleek lines, floating vanities do not fit well with more traditional styling giving them less broad-spectrum appeal. They are a classic feature, however, in commercial design, where they are often used in hospitality settings such as hotels and restaurants, they are standing the test of time.  Lara Pennington, Directions in Design.