Fiddle-Leaf Figs

We’ve seen these indoor beauties growing in popularity over the past year, and we want to know if they’re here to stay! Check out what these local design professionals have to say about the fiddle-leaf fig.

Edited by Moe Godat



Popularity of plants come and go as often as the essential denim. For large plant lovers, they will always be around. They are lush and easy. Succulents are the ultimate craze. Sick to death of them!David Kent Richardson, David Kent Richardson Decorations + Interior Design.

The fiddle-leaf fig is definitely not a craze. I’ve loved these for years! I’ve had one in my dining room for a while. So classic! Diane Breckenridge Barrett, Diane Breckenridge Interiors.



We love to bring nature into our designs whenever we can.  To that end, we are constantly searching for plants with the right size and shape for our projects. The fiddle-leaf fig is a great choice for it's height and the shape of its leaves.  It is easy to care for. As a faux, the industry has done a great job copying it. But I consider it a craze. The next great plant to accessorize with will replace it. C.J. Knapp, Yours By Design.

While the fiddle-leaf fig may be having a moment due to it's ability to add drama and scale to a space whether modern or traditional, I believe the decade of the fiddle leaf is coming to an end. The fiddle-leaf fig can be difficult to sustain and is temperamental compared to other plants. Look to the Rubber Tree plant for drama, the Zebra Plant for a fun accent, the Prayer Plant with those gorgeous leaves and even the Aloe Vera with a nod to succulents as a few of the plants that I think will be the next fiddle leaf fig. Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors.

I’m afraid fiddle-leaf figs are a craze. I wish it wasn’t so. They may be here for a while, but it’s become so ubiquitous that it is bound to fall out of favor. I wish no plants were ever fads, but we remember that ficus trees and Hydrangeas had their day. If I’m pressed as to the “next” plant, I hear ferns and pearl plants may make a come back. Dana King, Next Project Studio.

The fiddle-leaf fig tree is the tree du jour in design. Lately, it has had a huge rise in popularity, and it can be found just about everywhere in design including both residential and commercial spaces. The fiddle-leaf fig tree is popular due to it’s great texture and oddly shaped leaves. It works well in a blank spot or an odd angle, but so do a lot of other trees. Since the fiddle leaf is being used just about everywhere, it is difficult for it to lend originality to a space. Another huge drawback to using the fiddle leaf is that it is hard to care for and very finicky. The fiddle leaf has experienced it’s moment in design, but it is a craze and will “fiddle”out soon. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.