Find Your Focal Point

Using a wall mural can give a space character and make it pop! We asked local design professionals if wall murals are a classic or if they are a craze.

Edited by Moe Godat. 

Wall mural by Susan Greene. Photography by Anne Matheis. 



As glamorous and striking a wall mural can be for a space, a mural is are also a more personalized touch to a room. It can enhance a small space and turn a drab room bolder instantly! That said, it’s definitely not a classic approach to designing a room. But you be you! If you love it, and your designer helped make sure all components of the space work well together…DO IT! It’s art! And art speaks.

Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio, LLC.


It can't be a craze since wall art started with the caveman. We have always had some version of murals, the style and application are what change. Wall murals can create many different effects in a space especially depth illusion. It is a choice as to how intricate or simple you make the mural. Wall murals are not for every taste but they are a classic. Linda K. Kusmer, Total Interior Designs.


Definitely a classic. Murals can be a fantastic backdrop for furnishings. A mural fills the whole wall space with a larger scale image. They can be dramatic, used to add a burst of color or tell a story with a series of scenes. Hang a mural in the dining room to act as a conversation starter. On tall or long walls the larger graphics aid in filling up the empty wall space. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design, LLC


I believe focal point walls are a classic. We have been doing focal point walls by troweling luster plasters, layered plasters, adding stenciling and, most importantly, drama for over 20 years. So whether you want a mural, a dramatic painting finish or wallpaper, it’s a way to commit to bold drama without doing the entire room. One wall is tasteful; however, if you did the whole room in floral wallpaper, it would feel busy and overwhelming. I say it’s a classic and in one way or the other is here to stay. Nettie White, The Porch in Wildwood.


Wall murals have been around for the ages. Remember cavemen? What’s new now is the large-scale graphics. For those who love a bold approach to their interiors, it’s a staple. Up a staircase, on a kitchen backsplash, on shower walls or any feature wall, the wall mural is here to stay. Like most things, we will see new iterations in the future. It is fun to think of what might be the next trend in wall murals.

Dana King, Next Project Studio.


I love the drama of a mural and the instant wow factor that it provides.  A mural is a classic design element that, according to art historians, dates back thousands of years to early beginnings in caves in France, Egyptian tombs and Pompeii.  Murals have certainly evolved into other forms such as hand-painted walls, wallpaper and large photographs. A mural is a great way to add focal interest to a space and with just the right scene, the wall may look like it goes on forever.  Murals are relatively easy to install and easily customizedMurals can transform the energy of a basic commercial space into something spectacular.  Murals may have begun in a cave thousands of years ago, but they continue to evolve and will remain a classic design element for many years to come. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interiors.




I would have to say that murals are both classic and a craze. Murals by Zubert, Stark and Gracie are as classic as classic gets! Traditional bucolic scenes, landscapes, buildings, trees and sky will live through many a decade. I feel that the more stylized florals, smeared paints and geometrics will fall into the craze column. Where the classics will stand the test of time and look just as appropriate today as they did when they were hung in the foyer or dining room over 100 years ago. Some so classic, that if well preserved will add value and even be a selling feature in a turn of the century home. The more modern styles, while fun and playful, will look "Oh so 2020" in a handful of years. Teddy Karl, The Great Cover Up.