Kitchen Banquettes

Crafting a Comfortable Kitchen

Not sure if a kitchen banquette is the best for your family’s needs or if they’re just a passing craze? Here are local design experts’ two cents worth about why a kitchen banquette could help or hinder your kitchen’s flow.

Edited by Moe Godat 

Design by Lorrien Homes

Photography by Anne Matheis




Banquettes are an amazing way to fit a lot of seating into a smaller amount of space than traditional dining spaces. It's more casual and comfortable than formal dining rooms, which is more suitable for most modern American families. I think they will be around for a long, long time. Allison Dozier, Allison Dozier Interiors.

You might think that kitchen banquettes started a few years ago as a trendy addition to the kitchen, but their use has become both architecturally and functionally interesting as more designs are introduced. Incorporating a window seat into an extra storage area, a comfortable reading spot or part of extra seating around a dining table can be the focal point of the room. Using the back of a counter to consolidate an upholstered bench and a table is both a space saver and attractive addition to the hard surfaces in the kitchen. A bay window with curved window seating enhanced with stuffed cushions and a round center table is a welcome zone within the room. Just picture cozy, soft seating with lots of colored pillows around a table in a room of white cabinets and stone countertops. What an invitation to take a seat for a meal and conversation with friends and family. I think comfort is always classic, and kitchen banquettes can definitely provide comfort, so they will be around for years to come. Georgine O’Donnell, O’DESIGNS.

I love a fantastic banquette seat and try to incorporate them into multiple kitchen designs each year! This is definitely a classic design element! Both of my grandparents had them in their kitchens to keep their families tucked in around their table. This is when families all sat down for meals together, discussed daily wins and losses across the table from each other and actually listened to how a family member’s day was instead of being so rushed. This is a fantastic way to create the gathering space we all desire. Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio

Kitchen banquettes are a design staple that encourages casual social gatherings by creating cozy intimate nooks. Banquettes can be useful in large spaces but are most functional in smaller spaces. The wall-hugging concept simplifies wayfinding and reduces visual clutter by eliminating dozens of potential chair tripping legs. Europe can take credit for the origins of the banquette with placement under windows for viewing and fireside for warmth. Banquettes are a design classic that transitions nicely into St. Louis' many bungalows, cottages and shotgun homes. Geri Hayes, Ideas Only: Color+Lighting+Design.

Kitchen banquettes are a fabulous way to incorporate chic and cozy seating into a kitchen. Banquettes are extremely functional and provide the perfect space for meals, a cup of coffee or a spot to do homework. Banquettes are a great design solution to provide a custom fit to an awkward space, plus they work well in just about any style of house. They can be purchased as a piece of furniture or they can be customized to provide stylish seating and extra storage.  Banquettes' style can vary from being bold and bright to elegant and understated but one thing is for sure, kitchen banquettes are a classic design element that will remain popular for many years to come. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.

Built-in banquettes are a classic element that has been part of kitchen design for many many years. They increase storage, seating and style. They can be incorporated into many design styles, whether your home is traditional or modern, elegant or rustic. They are a great customizable option for maximizing space and will always be a viable choice for a breakfast nook or dining space. Diane Mantovani, SAVVY Design Group


It seems like every shelter magazine shows a gorgeous kitchen with a banquette. While I think they will always offer a classic, practical solution for creating seating in a tight space or an architecturally defined space such as a bay window, I think they aren't practical for everyone. Limitations include being the person in the middle, especially in large families, and not having good back support may be difficult to clean and budget! Do what works best for your unique space and your family! Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors.