Going Dutch

Dutch doors aren’t a new phenomenon. Dating back to the 17th century, dutch doors are a timeless design element that connects the indoors and outdoors. Today’s designers are adding a modern twist to this practical classic.



By Melissa Mauzy


Sea Views. By Carpenter & MacNeille. This charming dutch door was inspired by the history and setting of this 1880s seaside shingled retreat. Originally facing a side street away from the ocean views in front, this New England summer home’s facade and entry were architecturally enhanced and repositioned to enjoy the sea from every single room. The dutch door was handcrafted by the firm, proudly representing the new connection between the indoors and the beautiful outdoor vistas.

Functional for Family. By Geoff Chick & Associates. The dutch door is at the interior entry to the carriage house, which connects to the main house across a bridge at the stair landing between the first and second level. Designed to be used by family members with dogs and young children, leaving the bottom panel of the door closed keeps children from wandering into the stairwell and dogs out of the main residence.

Welcoming the Breeze. By Southern Studio Interior Design. The designers were thrilled to tackle a whole house remodel of this home on the North Carolina coast.  The newell post and front door were from the original construction and had to remain as part of the design. The dutch door welcomes guests and the fresh salt air breeze.

Feeling Nautical. By Tracy Lynn Studio. The traditional meets nautical entryway creates a bright and inviting atmosphere for family and guests alike. The coral and navy tones highlight the nautical feel and reflect the coastal locale of the home.