2020 Design Hall of Fame: Jenny Rapp

Jenny Rapp,

Owner of JCR Design Group

Jenny has been serving Saint Louis as an interior designer for close to 20 years, and in 2011, founded JCR Design Group. Located in the Interior Design Center, the firm specializes in high-end custom interiors, renovations, kitchen and bath design and new construction collaboration. Together with her team, they work closely with homeowners, architects and builders to create distinctive and functional designs and interiors that are current yet timeless, and sophisticated yet comfortable.


What is your design style/philosophy?

Jenny: Our goal with every project, no matter the size, is to deliver the best experience to each client and leave them with a space/home that they adore. We take the time to understand our clients, how they want to live and what their style and tastes are, and in doing so, we are able to layer in the elements that make their space both personal and successful. We have a smart, fun and cohesive team at JCR Design Group, and our focus on communication, quality, attention to detail and service has allowed us to continually meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

What does it take to deliver excellent design?

Jenny: Good interior design incorporates all functional, aesthetic, environmental and budget considerations to create the best end result. It is much more than just "decorating". Technical skills such as space planning and drafting are an important part of the equation, as is an understanding of balance, scale, and proportion. A strong partnership between client, designer, and others, such as architect and builder, provides different perspectives and streamlines the process, yielding a beautiful finished project. And of course, the interior decorations and finishings are the icing on the cake!

What was your favorite project?

Jenny: I am lucky enough right now to be working with both of my daughters-in-law to renovate and decorate their homes; one in town and one out of town. It is a joy to help them create environments for their growing families that are beautifully functional, warm and inviting, and it is always a reflection of their unique tastes and style. It is my extra "excuse" to see them and strengthen that wonderful bond!

Pro Tip: It is much easier to find a paint color for your favorite fabric than vice versa. Choose your rugs and upholstered furniture first and then take the fabric swatches to the paint store to select some samples to bring home. Lighting and time of day will impact the choice of wall color, so take your time in making the selections.