Simply Scandinavian

Scandinavian design: The light, airy and organic style of Scandinavian design focuses on creating a simple and functional space with an appreciation of craftsmanship and understated elegance. Tap into your Nordic side and embrace a relaxing and inviting vibe throughout your home.

By Moe Godat


Hygge: A defining characteristic of Danish culture, “hygge” describes a quality of coziness and comfort that promotes a feeling of contentment or well-being. When designing with hygge in mind, you layout and decorate your home in a way that will bring you and your family as much comfort as possible!

Tap into Nature: Adding natural elements helps soften this design style and bring in a cozy interest. Pair fresh botanicals with clean white walls and unstained or ashy wood floors for a pop of color that doesn’t fight with the otherwise muted color scheme.

Lighting is KEY: In the winter months, Scandinavian countries can get as little as seven hours of natural daylight, so stunning and ample indoor lighting is key! Keep fixtures simple and in muted tones such as black or gray; adding a metal element to your fixture also helps it adhere to the Scandinavian style. Add in beeswax candles for soft, whimsical light as a natural touch.

Limited Window Treatments: Because natural light can be hard to come by, letting in as much as possible is very important in Scandinavian design. Eliminating window treatments altogether or using simple linen sheers not only lets in as much light as possible, but it also promotes the minimalist aesthetic common in Scandinavian interiors.

Keep it Simple: Remember, form and function play equal roles in this design style. Keep your space uncluttered and visually relaxing by limiting accessories. Instead, display commonly used lifestyle pieces, such as dishes, on open shelving in the kitchen or add natural touches with botanicals and beeswax candles. Use furniture with clean, sleek lines and muted colors to allow your light sources to take center stage.

Cozy Textiles: Known for their cold climates, design in Scandinavian countries calls for an extra cozy touch. Textiles such as sheepskins, wool or mohair add a layer of warmth and texture to a Scandinavian space. Pair the soft textures of throws, furs and pillows with the stark stain of a light wood floor or the chilly edges of metal and glass furniture and accents.