Add a Pinch of Paper

Wallpaper has found its way into nearly every room of the house, and the kitchen is no exception! A great way to personalize and warm a space full of hard surfaces, wallpaper can be applied behind the range, on the ceiling or another accent wall. The bolder the better!

By Melissa Mauzy


1. Floral Fresh

By Summer Thornton Design. A quintessential classic kitchen that's both bright and airy while also having lots of character, this kitchen is traditional but still fresh. By mixing metals of brass and polished nickel as well as natural wood with painted cabinetry we added depth and character. Floral wallpaper, an antique chandelier, an elegant traditional dining table and a fireplace create a cozy breakfast space perfect for your morning tea.

2. Defining the Island

By Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC. Styling by Karin Lidbeck-Brent. This generously-scaled, bright white kitchen benefits from ample space and multiple work zones for cooking, entertaining, homework and dining. It was decided early that color and materials would be chosen to define spaces and make the large, high-ceilinged room feel comfortable and focused. The wallpaper on the ceiling was an important move; not only did it break up what was a large expanse of white, it defined the true heart of every kitchen - the island, as a space to gather, share and relax at home. And it gave the client a dose of the blue she loved, without distracting from all classic kitchen of her dreams.

3. Functionally Fun

By Sarah Stacey Interior Design. This kitchen is in a 1900s Queen Anne Victorian home in a rural town in Texas. The designer reconfigured the entire kitchen to suit their large family gatherings. The homeowners are restaurant owners and avid cooks, so the designer made sure it was functional for their needs. They were inspired by their clients, their home and existing furnishings.

4. Jewel Toned

By Coddington Design. The colors from the wallpaper are repeated in the green paint and blue Ann Saks tile. This boldness is balanced by the sleek white Ikea cabinets, countertops and stainless steel hardware. The large copper pendants adds warmth to the space and coordinates with the dark blue and light green jewel tones. 

5. Black and White

By Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects. A historic 1935 Greek revival cottage in Austin was revitalized for a young, creative family. The highlight of the sleek, modern kitchen design is the black-and-white wallpaper feature behind the range.