Going Grander

Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s, Grand Millennial styling focuses on design trends considered by mainstream culture to be “stuffy” or “outdated”—Laura Ashley prints, ruffles and embroidered linens. Local design professionals give their opinions on whether going grand in your decor is a passing trend or here to stay.

Edited by Moe Godat 

Photography courtesy of Courtney Kleeman Design 


While all design styles will go in and out of flavor, they always return with just a bit of a twist.  This style is currently referred to by some stylists as "eccentric grandma.” The layering of patterns, colors, trims, floral and geometric wallpaper, plush and hard seating pieces have been a mainstay of English cottage design and never really faded from use. Designers Parish/Hadley, who worked from the 60s to the 90s, and Rita Konig today are masters of this mix of color, pattern and texture. These homes reflect a laid back, cozy style that offers comfort at this time of global challenge. Janice Bohn, Anne Marie Design Studio.

This new group of consumers appreciate design. They are striking back against minimalism. They have grown tired of gray walls and white upholstery. It’s wonderful to see a return to draperies, window coverings and classic furniture that add softness and character to rooms. I applaud them! I believe interior design is turning a corner, leaving behind the rustic look for a more complex level of interior design. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.

After years of growing up in clean sparse spaces and visiting hotels that are streamlined in the name of Zen, I think it is only natural that Grandmillennial  style will continue to evolve and emerge. Plus after seasons of Downton Abbey and The Crown, it has become an inspiration. Clients are embracing pattern and color and think they are welcoming the comfort and warmer interiors. Robert Idol, IDOL DESIGN.

I am not sure that the "Grand Millenials" are on to anything new. This is classic traditional style. It has always been around, just not considered "trendy.” Design, like many other things, is cyclical. Trends peak and fade, come and go. Classic design is always in style, it just depends who you ask! Keep up the good work Grand Millennials! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up.

Grand millennial styling is really just a modern take on traditional styles. After years of minimalist and monochromatic spaces, the big doses of pattern and color are a welcome change for many and a way to create rooms that are fun and full of personality. It takes confidence to mix bold patterns, colors and textures, and as this style takes hold, we will probably be seeing a lot more of it! Jenny Rapp, JCR Design Group.

I see the grand millennial as an evolving classic. While not wanting the formal, stuffy look of your grandmother, this look embraces brown wood furniture and combines it with big doses of pattern, texture and color, yet in an edited manner to avoid being fussy. The brown "antique" furniture is typically available at a great price and is environmentally responsible. This style is successful because it's fun and full of individual personality. It is easy to add abstract art and metallic accents to keep the look fresh and modern. Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors.