Modern Fixins'

Modern Farmhouse: Mixing common farmhouse touches like shiplap, various metals and barn doors with modern concepts such as wide plank floors, open concept layouts and sleek lighting lends a clean and sophisticated feel to farmhouse design without losing its character. Bring the simplicity of country living into your home with raw wood materials, animal hides and natural hues.

By Moe Godat 

Design by Marianne Simon Design

Photography by Haris Kenjar

Portrait by Lauren Muckler Photography 


Focus on the Kitchen | Whether you adhere to customs of farm-to-table cooking or not, kitchens are the focal point of any modern farmhouse home. Have your kitchen make a statement with herringbone backsplash, colored cabinets and bold light fixtures over the island to draw visitors’ attention to the heart of your home. Use this opportunity to tailor your space to your exact needs, making every cooking experience a comfortable one.

Family First | One staple of farmhouse design is a large dining room table ready for a full family gathering. When choosing your dining table for this design, choose a color and texture that complements the design in your kitchen area, making the move from cooking to eating a seamless experience. To make your table functional for everyday use in a smaller space, consider buying one with a removable leaf. Don’t have enough space inside for your dream dining table? Set one up in your back yard for the perfect outdoor feast!

Colors | A neutral color allows the room’s textures and views to shine. When choosing colors for your modern farmhouse look, start with whites or off-whites on the walls and layer with natural tones of deep navy blues, forest greens and burnt oranges that complement the natural beauty outside.

Tap into Industry | To help with layering textures, take inspiration from industrial design trends, such as adding concrete and metal accents. Mixing natural elements like wood with concrete and metal accents give a raw (yet sophisticated) vibe to a modern farmhouse home.

Farmhouse Foliage | While greenery is an important touch in most design styles, it’s especially important to modern farmhouse interiors! Connect with the country lifestyle by bringing the outdoors in; one easy way to incorporate greenery into your home is with an indoor herb garden.

Layering Textures | Farmhouse interiors are known for combining rough wood and shining metals, giving a handmade atmosphere to any room. Make your wooden flooring modern by choosing wide planks, bring metal into the space with striking pendant lights and warm everything up with assorted hides, leathers and furs. Adding neutral feathers here and there never hurts!

Expert advice from Stephanie Pohlman, owner of Stephanie Pohlman Designs.

What are common materials/features used in Modern Farmhouse design? “Light, natural wood and light upholstery mixed with textures. I like to incorporate pops of matte black metal and greenery when my client requests modern farmhouse style!”

How would you define/describe Modern Farmhouse design? “I would describe a modern farmhouse as cozy, livable and modern: a neutral color palette with earth tones and natural wood mix with the clean, crisp lines of geometric patterns and metals.”

Is there a certain feeling that Modern Farmhouse design evokes? “I think it’s popular because it’s so warm and inviting. The elements come together to make a space that feels like home.”

Why would someone choose to use this design in their home? “It is very family friendly and feels beautiful at the same time.”

Do you have any tips to share about decorating in this design style? “Don’t be afraid to mix whites, wood tones and metals. I think it helps with the “old feel” of a farmhouse. Bring in modern elements with textiles and patterns.”