Are Bidets Better?

Bidets have long been a staple overseas, but they’ve gained popularity in the States since the toilet paper shortage of 2020. As the pandemic (hopefully) draws to a close, will bidets remain or be flushed away?

Edited by Moe Godat

Photography courtesy of Henry Kitchen & Bath



I believe that bidets are a classic in design. They have been a standard in Europe for many, many years and should be a standard in the United States as well. They are quite refreshing and so easy to use. Tom Manche, Tom Manche Interiors, LLC.

While bidets have long been popular in other countries in the world, they never quite caught on here in the United States. That all changed with the great toilet paper shortage of 2020! A bidet seat is a great addition to any bathroom because they reduce the amount of toilet paper used, which is great for the environment and your wallet! We love bidets, and they are definitely not a craze! Julie Cullmann, Anne Marie Design Studio, LLC.

Bidets are classic, but today it's not so much about the bidet as it is about the washlet. They are also easy to install and have many extra features that a standard bidet does not. Health-wise, they are great for reduced mobility individuals, pregnant women or others with health issues. Also, they take 1/8 gallon to clean you whereas it takes 37 gallons of water to make just one roll of toilet paper. Fun fact: bidet installations have been mandatory in Italy since 1975.  Jamison Boyd, Henry Kitchen & Bath.

Standalone bidets are not a new concept, but they have long been considered a luxury item as it's an extra expense and requires additional space. However, now that smart toilets and integrated bidets such as the Toto Washlet are being accepted as the norm, I can easily see them becoming a long term staple of even our more affordable bathrooms. Allison Dozier, Allison Dozier Interiors.

They’re cleansing and comfortable for everyone at any age. Europe has been using the bidet for years, and it is a basic component to every bathroom.  Go ahead and give it a try, I think you’ll agree that it’s cleansing, comfortable.Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors LLC.

In new construction, I've had several clients incorporate integrated bidets into the main bathroom. A smart idea, whether new construction or a remodel, is to make sure you have an outlet installed by the toilet. That way, if you decide you want the features a bidet toilet offers, the outlet will make the installation much easier. An affordable option for the kids bathroom is to change the seat to a bidet seat. Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors.


What’s not to love about being pampered? We are putting them in high-end bathrooms, but also adding a GFI outlet for a future bidet seat in most of our remodels at all price points. Do I think it's the next must-have for every bathroom? No, but it is a nice luxury upgrade for any bathroom. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.

With so much square footage being designated to bathrooms these days, it was inevitable that bidets would make a comeback! Today's homeowner is looking for every luxury available, and why not a bidet? Just like enormous garden tubs, some will love them and others will find they go unused. The bidet will be one more thing to maintain and repair or replace if something goes wrong with it. I will call it a craze! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover Up.     

In my opinion, this is a pandemic-induced craze for Americans. I think the uptick in bidet purchases is a response to both the scarcity of toiletry supplies as well as people's increased awareness of personal hygiene needs. I have supplied more bidet seats in the last year than I have in the last decade. Mary Signorelli, Le Coeur Design.