Creating Christmas Cheer

Resito Pecson, owner of twigs & MOSS, shares his 20 years of decorating experience to bring the Christmas season to your home in a style that fits your family.

Edited by Moe Godat



Choosing Holiday Garland: A client’s personal preference is always the first consideration for choosing garland in the home. For example, if the scent of Christmas is the priority, then using fresh cedar would be a consideration. Where a garland is to be placed also determines what to use. If on or near fabric, such as silk drapery, I would steer them to artificial garland. When it’s going up is also a factor: if early in the season, I would avoid greens that dry quickly and opt for maybe a combination of mostly artificial components with a touch of fresh selections, which can easily be replaced when needed.

Fresh Garland Benefits & Maintenance: Fresh garland will give you the authentic scent of the season. It also drapes and hangs beautifully. Although it's difficult to find garlands that can take the place of fresh, our artificial selection at twigs & MOSS are very lifelike. Keeping a cool temperature is best to keep a garland fresh. Avoid excessive misting, especially on magnolia as the leaves will dry blotchy if they’re too wet. It's best to time the installation properly. Shape the garland when fresh, so it dries in the position desired.

Going Up: Specific to the front of the house, I find that most only decorate at ground level. But, if you go up, even with only one or two wreaths at 10 or 15 feet off the ground, the visual impact completes the overall look. I totally understand the height limitations, but we’re here to help!

Color Rush: When choosing the colors you’d like in your home around Christmas time, it is to use colors that you like and make you happy! Whether you choose traditional Christmas colors of red, green, silver and gold or you go a more untraditional route, using color is important. We need color, any color, especially now during the pandemic. Color makes things brighter, and it’s the recent trend. We’ve fully embraced color with our ornament wreaths and garlands.

Additional Holiday Decor: Many people decorate their staircases, trees and mantels, but more accents can be added in unexpected places. Small wreaths on mirrors and windows will add a charming and whimsical touch to your holiday decor. It’s easy! Hang them up using adhesive hooks applied to the glass surface, and they’ll look like they’re floating on the mirror.

Accentuate the Positive: If you have a unique oval window, place an oval wreath around it. If you have a juliet balcony, adorn it with a swag. Look at what you have, what’s unique to your home, and make it even better by decorating it for the holidays.