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While bedside lamps have always seemed to be the go-to solution for late-night reading, lately we’ve noticed the emergence of bedside sconces across St. Louis. Local design professionals give us their opinion on whether this is just a passing phase or here to stay.

Edited by Moe Godat

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I've been using bedside sconces for over 45 years and don't see them as trendy. The reason you are seeing them more now is because there are so many more to choose from, and with LED bulbs, you can get more light in just the right spot for those who like to read in bed. Sometimes there is no room or very little room for a table because of space limitations such as with bunk beds. I don't see them going anywhere! Arlene Lilie, Arlene Lilie Interior Design.

In general, lighting has become sophisticated in the past few years. Up lights to create ambience, toe kick, steps and wayfinding lighting guide you through your home in the dark, eliminating the need to turn on bright, overhead fixtures. Bedside sconces have become part of that trend. They provide a softer light than overhead multi-bulb fixtures. The light is easily accessible when needed yet can be moved out of the way when it is time to go to sleep. Adjustable sconce lights can be a blessing to couples when one of them wants to stay up to work or read while the other just wants to curl up and go to sleep. For these reasons, I feel they are a classic and here to stay. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.

I really enjoy the extra light. I especially like them when they are swing arms or directional, so you can really use the extra light for reading. I also like them with pretty bedside lamps on a bedside table. They keep the bedside table clear if you need extra space. I don’t think they are a craze, I think they’re just a good look for the person who likes them. Dede Fratt, Fratt & Bush LLC.

Bedside sconces are a classic! Though they haven’t been around as long as table lamps, the positives outweigh the negatives. The benefits of these sconces allows more space and flexibility for decor and personal items to be utilized on the tops of the nightstands and creates more opportunities for personal adjustments such as height and placement. The look of the sconce can result in a striking focal point. They provide the necessary amount of light without needing to light up the entire room, resulting in less energy consumption. With that said, sconces are not easy to switch out and require a licensed electrician to install them, but overall these challenges do not surpass the advantages that bedside sconces provide. Savannah Sells, Youtopia Designs.

Bedside sconces are a classic. They are always a great answer for a smaller space; they can also be used when the top of the nightstand is too crowded! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up.

Good lighting will always be a classic design element, and wall sconces are a great option for bedside lighting. Bedside sconces are great because they are functional, practical and they save valuable space on the nightstand. There are several power source options such as hard wiring into the wall, a wire plug-in option or battery-operated sconces. The style options are endless as well as lighting needs in the bedroom. A popular choice for the bedside is the swing-arm sconce, which provides adjustable lighting for reading, sewing or other tasks. Bedside sconces offer many benefits and will remain a classic design element. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.